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Guild Testing Secret Group! / Re: Public Discussion of New Classes
« Last post by Delirium on Today at 12:25:30 PM »
If you even get to that point. The only reason you would even need advanced in a weapon skill is for pvp.

There are no more advanced weapons.

He means advanced weapon skill level.
Guild Testing Secret Group! / Re: Public Discussion of New Classes
« Last post by Riev on Today at 12:18:29 PM »
If you even get to that point. The only reason you would even need advanced in a weapon skill is for pvp.

There are no more advanced weapons.
Guild Testing Secret Group! / Re: Public Discussion of New Classes
« Last post by Cind on Today at 11:39:31 AM »
Fence and Dune Trader sound good, though, like they are worth exploring to someone who has their heart set on Artisan.

I haven't really looked at ALL the others, which one(s) would you guys say is the new ranger? Is it Adventurer?

Everyone has been dwarfed with the most recent migrant wave!  If you have any special requests going on, or any suggestions, just pipe in.  Feel free to request furniture for your eventual home, pets, and so on.

Part 4 -- Migrants of Interest

1st of Granite, Year 400

Filthy kobolds have been spotted.  They didn't manage to snatch anything, but we'll need to consider posting guards soon.

10th of Granite, Year 400

Blech.  Elves.  They arrived today and unloaded their goods at the trade depot, but didn't bring anything of worth... nor do we have much to trade anyway.

This was a good excuse to appoint a broker, though.  We've selected one of the jobless dwarves that spends all their time in the common-hall.

8th of Slate, Year 400

While performing exploratory mining, it seems the miners have discovered some sort of expansive cavern system relatively close to the surface -- only some ten or twelve layers down.  The expedition leader has ordered it be closed off for now.  Once we've some metal, we'll consider exploring them.

17th of Slate, Year 400

We've started constructing small adobe-style homes along the river.  We should be able to cram a number of these homes into our walled area.

20th of Slate, Year 400

Migrants!  Among this batch were several dwarves of note:

Cerol Silverbolt was listed on our manifest as "Thresher," but he has insisted he be referred to as "Mercenary Extraordinaire," and that he's a (soon to be) master of crossbows.  We've taken his word for it, and made him a militia captain.  We have a crossbow around here somewhere, so we'll get him to training soon.

Given his self-proclaimed interest in music, we'll likely let him be a bard in the tavern, once it's built.

Tritus Talulkul came to us a substantially skilled fish dissector.  He has insisted on joining the militia.  In his off time, he'll serve as a fisherdwarf.

Smudgfist Thadaddom is our new animal trainer, or "beast master," as he prefers.  He's also been assigned a spot in the new militia.

He'll immediately be put to work training the giant snapping turtle.  The current plan is to chain it up, and let it lay eggs.  We'll collect the eggs until we can find it a suitable mate.  Afterward, we'll try and raise the animals for meat, or perhaps for some sort of turtle execution pit.

Threegems Fikukerib is one of the most skilled migrants we've ever recieved -- a High Master glazer!  We'll need to figure out how to start a glazing and pottery at once!

For now, she's also been assigned to work as a mason and stonecrafter, for the time being churning out blocks for buildings.

Given the number of migrants, and our now existent militia, the Expedition Leader saw it fit to raise a militia commander -- one of our previous migrants, Tally èrithbetan, was given the position.  The Expedition Leader has also seen it fit to make Tally their personal bodyguard (meaning they'll likely be given a higher title, like Champion, once the fortress is able).

Tally has named the main militia-force "The Tufted Labors," while Cerol Silverbolt has gone with the more mysterious "Continents of Cloistering:"

General Discussion / Re: Gendered Clothing Items in Armageddon
« Last post by sleepyhead on Today at 11:01:05 AM »
Wait, why would anyone want to remove bras? Those fulfill a specific function that has to do with biologically female anatomy.

I guess I sort of get why people would be bothered by the few references to "masculine" and "feminine" in clothes, although I personally love those shoes and wearing the masculine ones on my female characters and vice versa if I think it fits their aesthetic. But bras?
General Discussion / Re: Gendered Clothing Items in Armageddon
« Last post by najdorf on Today at 10:56:53 AM »
i support the idea of removal of such gender specific words, and generalization of all items. that would increase options per PC. removal of words such as feminine and masculine would solve it easily.
men can have skirts and kohls and all, and they shouldnt be judged for it.
it may already be the case. i remember seeing male warriors putting on warskirts

as per bras, strapons and alike, just remove them from game
General Discussion / Re: Casual Play
« Last post by najdorf on Today at 10:48:15 AM »
this fits to my current situation. due to RL reasons playing a role with high dependency to other characters or plots can be stressing to me, and unfair to the world. I think it doesnt have much to do with guilds though.
General Discussion / Re: Gendered Clothing Items in Armageddon
« Last post by valeria on Today at 10:47:31 AM »
You cut off my quote in a weird place. While the roots of those words are associated with women and men respectively, that isn't what those words mean anymore  (at least in modern queer circles).

I'm saying that while RL people associate dainty and pretty and feminine with women, that doesn't mean that Zalanthan people would associate dainty and pretty with women. It's the idea that feminine==woman that I'm rejecting. So when you say the idea that women are not fragile and pretty, I'm agreeing with you, because I don't think that fragile and pretty is a woman trait. It's a femme trait. And there are femme men. I have nothing against shoes being described as feminine because nothing about that to me reads as "for women."

I did try to warn you that I was going on a tangent. The idea that feminine is automatically a woman gender word and masculine is a man gender word is a pet peeve of mine as a really very queer person. A transgender man who wears feminine clothing might be gender nonconforming, but he's still a man. Just because I wear feminine clothing doesn't make me a woman. We're moving away from the roots of the words IRL.

A more concise explanation, now that I have coffee in me:

Feminine and masculine are clothing styles, not genders.

Feminine does not equal for women. Feminine means pretty.
Masculine does not equal for men. Masculine means rugged.

Therefore, I have nothing against clothing described as feminine or masculine. Men can wear feminine things and women can wear masculine things, both IRL and in Zalanthas.
General Discussion / Re: Casual Play
« Last post by roughneck on Today at 09:47:37 AM »
I think the new classes will solve a lot of this. When you start with higher caps, have cross-factoring of skills to affect successes on things like ride, and you begin play with more of your key skills rather than having to grind out to branch them - casual play should be realized (as much as casual play is a thing in Armageddon). New classes, yay!
General Discussion / Re: Gendered Clothing Items in Armageddon
« Last post by Nao on Today at 09:36:54 AM »
I don't think the words "feminine" and "masculine" are gendered in a way that doesn't fit the setting. They describe dainty/pretty and rugged respectively.  Those qualities are generally associated with women (dainty/pretty) and men (rugged)

But why would feminine be associated with dainty/pretty, or rugged with masculine, in zalanthas? I don't think the idea of the pretty princess or women being fragile is or should be a thing. It seems to me like using sky-blue to describe something - transferring RL concepts to zalanthas that really have no business in the setting.

It doesn't offend me or anything, but it's a pet peeve.
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