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General Discussion / Re: all PVP is surprise attacks. Not lame, but what do we do?
« Last post by rohenne on February 18, 2020, 10:54:19 PM »
I have only played for like 3 years but I have only been 1 hitted by a sneaky dwarf once and i was at like 20hp from making the mistake of forgetting my token of mercantilism on my rinth clothes so it could have been an urchin that did it and as a fellow rinthi at the time I got it.   like ic how could he not a wounded elven fence in the

and my first real long lived character was a human rinthi fighter who walked around the rinth with 20k of weapons and armor calling her self the guard of west side wishing a mf'er would until she got she got so old the new recruits she was training after retiring from face started to give a square fight.

she never once went out of her way to mess up anyone's plots though unless a templar or noble requested it and never once attacked anyone without having a full conversation first.

So i think there is something to be said about the way a character behaves having a heavy bearing on the likeliness they have to be one hit KO'ed in kind of a live by the sword die by the sword kind of way and I think there is alot of room within conflicting plots for compromise between opposing sides even in a brutal world and when that happens in good faith even in criminal/raiding scenarios people will run with it becaue it is really fun.  I mean the templarate taking bribes and making people do things is just this and is objectively way more fun for everyone than people getting killed by npc half-giants all the time, i feel like that same dynamic exists with most conflict in the game.

if its a dick measuring contest just stick a knife in their pillow a few days before you sit down to the bartering table or something to make them more amenable to your ends.

i really like the new poison degeneration but one-hits are not something I have a problem with in the game recently through virtue of mostly just good faith RP

Ive had more enemies who I would never want to kill because it was fun to play with them than enemies I have wanted to kill.

I'm not trying to blame players for this problem people are seeing i am on the contrary saying that in my experience if you rp in good faith people return the favor.

and my characters who go around letting their plots build with other people's plots rather than making it a zero sum game normally get treated in kind

i think if the cultural meta problem is too much one hit killing over nothing then perhaps the answer is sustaining a culture of good faith rp so that rp actually gets a chance to flourish.  I have seen it done and it is when i have the most fun in the game.

I honestly think that since the classes got changed up i have seen rp in places get better not worse because people have well rounded enough characters codedly that there is more to their lives than how my pk's notched into their weapon hilt.

and if someone is a side character riding the tailcoats of someone with real ig power (ex. aides) getting sniffed because their boss offended someone over a doobie or what have you i feel like that kind of comes with the territory of being a side character involved over your head.  Its a fun balance to play when it works but when the one hit poison l33t execution comes that wasn't a plot being sniffed it was just that character being a dispensable side character in a plot grander than themselves. and thats a believable consequence for jumping into games way over their head.


General Discussion / Re: all PVP is surprise attacks. Not lame, but what do we do?
« Last post by Is Friday on February 18, 2020, 10:09:15 AM »
A flee penalty would make PVE exploration even more impossible than it already is.
You can make adjustments based on skills.

For instance if someone retreats from a bahamet he gets his free attack like it is now.

If someone retreats from a PC with slashing weapons or threaten or literally any skill which is 99% PC only, you get a penalty.

I'm personally okay with having the difference since NPCs get tons of advantages as is. Including the insta move then double attack which staff have repeatedly insisted is a feature.
A flee penalty would make PVE exploration even more impossible than it already is.
General Discussion / Re: all PVP is surprise attacks. Not lame, but what do we do?
« Last post by Is Friday on February 18, 2020, 09:00:45 AM »
Why not give more penalty to flee? Too easy to get away, imo.

If we're talking mass combat, that's where a majority of kills happened historically. (After the route.) As it stands if you flee then you're generallly safe if you have enough stamina to spam run away. (You do in 90% of cases.)
World Discussion / Re: The Rinth Needs Teeth
« Last post by rohenne on February 17, 2020, 09:59:07 PM »
i have played a few long lived rinthi guilders over the years i have played, one of whom was face for about 6months irl. The Guild is by far my favorite clan i have been in, (lucky enough to have some real cool players in it with me at the time) and to me its not so much a problem of the rinth not having teeth as it is the folley crew not having any space that is remotely secure in any way whatsoever.

like i never had a problem with the fact that the byn, the arm, or a single templar with a braxat (walking through a "secret" entrance no-one should have known about IC really) could kill every single person in the folley on a whim, it was something i tried to play around while negotiating with those forces.

the problem that i had is that at any point a 3 day elf miscreant being cheesy could log on at 3am with master sneak and journeyman pick and a rudimentally ooc knowlege of the rinth layout and completely steal every single thing that the folley crew had that they could carry,  both at the folley and at the place that no-one is supposed to know about and that is supposed to be "secure".

i knew ic of at least three elves that had been in the "secret" and "secure" location and proved it just to make a flex.

like its waaay too easy for someone to ooc cheese the Guild in the worst of ways.  and people do.

thats not even getting into the lack of space for sparring or housing people or their things. 

and I do think it would be really cool for clanned guild to get some unique crafting options, maybe like weapons and armor that functioned well but were rinth safe or something even, because like its been said,   If you want to be a successful rinthi assassin the best way is to go join house kurac or the byn which doesn't make sense.

or you could join the folley crew, spar in unsafe locations where anyone could just gank you, not have a bed or anywhere to put your things really, have money you can't do anything with really once you fill out your tattoo locations. and hope that the boss is good at making fun for people out of nothing up until the arm decides that the 5 figures or so a year in bribes they are getting isn't good enough and start cheesily executing every PC with a rinthi accent and a dark,hooded cloak.

like from the perspective of a guild boss it takes an alarming amount of suspension of disbelief to think that the folley crew is remotely close to what the guild is defined as in the documentation or even ever could be no matter how much work is sunk into it.

Roleplaying Discussion / Re: Emoting dancing and songwriting?
« Last post by RogueGunslinger on February 17, 2020, 09:18:18 PM »
This game is wild because the answer to how to properly play a bard? Oh, just actually become a writer, actor, and performer.

I felt like I might as well have been a songwriter just to have a character who sang songs occasionally. He didn't even write them.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: What are you currently watching?
« Last post by RogueGunslinger on February 17, 2020, 03:40:48 AM »
In 2019 I saw a lot of really amazing things. Movies like Parasite, Endgame, Joker. Animes like Vinland Saga, Steins;Gate, Demon Slayer. Incredible Tv like Mr. Robot, Watchmen, Chernobyl,  Bojack Horseman.

But none of it comes even close to how Attack on Titan Season 3 made me feel. It's a really perfect season of Anime. I cried, I laughed, I got hype as fuck during the action. The Music, the story, the characters. It's really the perfect mix.
Ask the Staff / Re: as breeds grow up
« Last post by Draugr on February 16, 2020, 05:45:23 PM »
Digging into this one a bit, but my gut is a no, your choice of who you take after is going to be set in place once you enter play, as it sets things other than an appearance note which could be jarring to have reset.
Ask the Staff / Re: tally marks
« Last post by Draugr on February 16, 2020, 05:44:24 PM »
I don't think there would be anything wrong with this.  Similar to using the merchant's rod.
Ask the Staff / Re: Password weird
« Last post by Draugr on February 16, 2020, 05:43:42 PM »
Sorry for any delay. I've sent you a password reset.
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