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There's been like 3 - 4 threads recently pointing out that the state of PK is not in a good spot at the moment.

General complaints are as follows:

-Instakills can't be saved from in many cases
-PKing is overly used, even if there could be a different response/consequences to a scenario
-Poison is overly available
-Certain PCs are unsafe in the nice parts of town, while you're overly safe in other parts of town
-NPCs are bugged and duplicated, representing on unrealistic element of protection in some places
-It feels like a coded game, posing as a RP game

I don't think these issues are coming up again and again for almost two years now for no reason.  On the flip side, you also have some leader PCs that are alive for real life years and years and Armageddon is one of the few games that seems to think it realistic to set forth objectives for a character that can take RL years to achieve.  I absolutely don't approve of that.  I think it's toxic and unhealthy.  The timeline of Armageddon needs to be sped up or something.  When my IG objectives take as long my real life objectives something is wrong.  I can finish Horizon Zero Dawn in a month.  Armageddon is a game, there needs to be a balance.  Things shouldn't take four real life years to achieve.  And then, when certain PCs do get to a certain point they're stored.

That is my biggest issue with the game at present.  It feels unbalanced.  Although I like the new classes a lot of it seems unfinished and now the meta is struggling to catch up.  I don't know why so many classes start with poison, one of the most deadly skills in the game, while crafting/city based characters don't even have listen now.  It took a lot of advocating for artisans to be able to even custom craft.  It feels like certain types of characters were punished while others were made incredibly powerful.  Poison used to be a skill you branch, now it's a starting skill.  But nobody starts with brew.  It's so frustrating.  I have a lot of recommendations for the new classes but I have neither the time nor energy to comb through them all and start pushing for them.

I also think that how things are staffed right now is a little arbitrary.  Rules get put in place just to have them in place.  Playability sometimes is put to the wayside.  I feel like if the game were balanced, you'd see less of flagrant PKing because the game world would react better and codedly those focused on the code wouldn't be able to instakill people left and right in like two months.  So while, if you're a leader starting say a shop or engaging in a marriage contact can take a real life YEAR.  Hunter McGee can become an insta assassin in eight weeks.  Which means the timeline is off.  Code is god, RP players have to waddle along far behind and every tiny, itty bit of power they achieve will be 1) arbitrary and up for interpretation, 2) ignored by everyone.  I don't GET it.  I don't get soldiers scoffing at nobles, or slaves thinking they're above Kadians.  The social mores of the game, the game world and how it's enforced is constantly secondary to code and staff interpretation or grotesque longevity of certain characters.

I also don't understand having certain leaders around for like 3-4 real life years.  It causes the game to stagnate.  If leaders aren't killing one another off, or politicing each other into corners there's a problem.  Leaders greatly effect the meta and when they never leave it causes areas to stagnate.  Given that there's only one city-state open right now, there is also no "other" to oppose them.

In general, I guess what I'm saying is the game feels unbalanced in many ways.  Not to mention coded skills you can't even roll a save on so some people can just walk in and boop your dead.  This leads to a lot of aversion.  I don't feel like there's enough thought given to will this be fun for the player?  Will this be fun for the characters around them?  Is this playable?  It's fun to roleplay drama and pain at times, it is not fun to have an experience of drudgery on an OOC level.  I don't want to put a month into a character, just to have someone to come along and have two months into a character and be able to kill me because they've spent every waking moment sparring or kill me with a skill I can't even possibly save from or even procure until I've had the character like three real life months.  I don't want to go into the salt flats and get attacked by six scorpions and pay 120 coins for one cure as a newb.  Why is certain shit so ridiculously hard and some shit so ridiculously easy?

Half the time the rules on an OOC overly solid, and the other half of the time there just seems to be no rules and everything is open ended and subjective.  Just like on the PC art forum.  One character was taken down after art was posted by a former player.  Another character that had been alive within that one year time frame stayed up for months until I pointed it out.  The game didn't suffer for the art of either being up.  But one character was taken down, while the other remained.

I really, really wish as a community we would decide what our priorities are, and the intention behind our actions and then go from there.  Is Armageddon supposed to be accessible?  Is it adult?  Is it foremost an RP game or foremost a coded game?  From there, you can start making good decisions.  This trying to be everything to everyone gambit doesn't work.  Like having sex and violence but saying the game isn't just for adults.  Or saying its an RP game but letting people breech social mores constantly in some respects or getting on people's cases OOC for superfluous reasons.  I think all of this ties into PK because I think we have a cultural problem in addition to a coded one.  But I really don't have much hope considering staff decided that an entire city-state, pretty much the other half of the game world wasn't "thematic" to the game after being a part of its lore and player base for decades.

I just don't get a lot of the decisions being made, and I don't feel rewarded for RPing my heart out generally.  But the reward in code grinding is clear.  Put some hours in and be able to instakill.  Instakill power > social power.
Also: I have and will continue to recommend underlings from engaging in dangerous behavior if that's what they want to do. If there is a trend of murders in apartments or out on the streets at night -- guess what my PC tells their underlings to stay away from? Pretty IC. You can go ahead and file your complaints about it.

Would you say they can die mad about it?

The apartments one is crazy, where the hell else are people going to live? Because I am near certain that most PC characters aren't going to at all be role played as being homeless.

The streets one is fine, it's the streets.
Also: I have and will continue to recommend underlings from engaging in dangerous behavior if that's what they want to do. If there is a trend of murders in apartments or out on the streets at night -- guess what my PC tells their underlings to stay away from? Pretty IC. You can go ahead and file your complaints about it.

Would you say they can die mad about it?
.. that does sound like an epically badass vehicle. Go Blitz!
DAY 36:
*HRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRMRM HRMRMRMRMRM skreeeeee K-CHAAAA HRMRMRmrmrmrmrm-kflop.... tink... tink tink.... tink....*

The armored robot carrier came to a stop outside the farmhouse.  It rolled on 8 wheels and had large hatches on both sides that exposed recharging brackets for various sorts of autonomous combat drones, though the drones themselves where nowhere to be found.  There was also a machine gun mounted offset atop the angled composite hull.  Blitz hopped out the rear hatchway, set between two large fuel tanks.

Blitz ran to the next door apartment building and climbed to the roof.  She needed to see if the noise from her little road trip attracted any attention.  She doubted it, given than all her recent hammering to set up traps and a repair her fence with home-made barbed wide had gone unnoticed, but it was worth being sure.  Indeed, the crowds all seemed to stay loitering in midtown.

Back at her house, Blitz walked around the vehicle to inspect it.  There was a lot of patching-up to be done, and modifications to make it livable.  Another problem was fuel; the carrier was almost empty, and it ran off diesel rather than regular gasoline.  She would have to check her books to see if there was a way to change that.

Still, she was proud that she'd acquired the toughest, meanest, most bad-ass vehicle in the neighborhood.  Before long she'd be cruising the cataclysm in style.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: [CDDA] Tales of the Apocalypse - Season of Terror
« Last post by Marauder Moe on November 13, 2019, 08:13:22 PM »
DAY 32:
Blitz could see for miles.  She could see her farmhouse at one end of Stoneham.  She could see the football stadium at the other end.  She could see Ogunquit.  She could even see Crazy Bone Lady in her creepy cemetery hideout.  She could also see how fucked this city was, because midtown, with all the shops, was SWARMING with infected.

She lowered her binoculars and sighed.  The roof of the apartment tower was peaceful.  Even though she could see all the troubles surrounding her, everything seemed so tiny and harmless from way up high.

The problem kept her up thinking late into the night.  There would be no looting the center of town.  She wasn't even sure it was safe to be living that close to that many infected.  What if she had to resort to gunfire?  Would the whole town start shuffling her way?

She could move to the farm where she set the barn on fire.  Was that far enough?  Should she move to that shelter near Ogunquit?  The idea of living in that dank and dusty hole made her skin crawl, practical as it was.

In any case, there were more immediate steps she could take.  Firstly, make a bug-out bag.  Fill it with food and medicine, stash it near her mechanic's house.  Second, traps.  She'd actually found more than a few infected that had gotten themselves sliced up by broken windows in the neighborhood.  If she came up with something more potent, it might at least buy her time and be an early warning in the case the horde came for her.

Lastly, and more long-term, Blitz would need a vehicle.  Fortunately, she had one in mind...
Original Submissions Discussion / Re: Post Your Character Portrait
« Last post by James de Monet on November 13, 2019, 05:33:47 PM »
Character Portrait for the player of Mallor Tor (apparently this got approved a while ago, I just missed it):

Normal (2D):

Anaglyphic (Red/Blue) 3D:

Full SBS (Headset) 3D:
General Discussion / Re: all PVP is surprise attacks. Not lame, but what do we do?
« Last post by tapas on November 13, 2019, 04:56:24 PM »
Armageddon is a competitive deathmatch pretending it's a roleplaying game.
Non-Armageddon Discussion / Re: Sekrit Santa 2019
« Last post by whitt on November 13, 2019, 02:18:46 PM »
When do we get to know our victims... err... targets... err... when do we get to know?
General Discussion / Re: all PVP is surprise attacks. Not lame, but what do we do?
« Last post by Riev on November 13, 2019, 09:08:21 AM »
I don't know that SUDDEN PK is reduced now. I think the capacity and execution still exist. As staff expectations have changed to require PCs being alive for RL months before full support kicks in, I think some players are becoming cognizant of that, and not resorting to outright One Hit Kills.

Not that they don't happen.
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