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Code Discussion / Re: Opinion on Mastery of Skills
« Last post by Pariah on September 16, 2021, 09:42:44 PM »
So, yes, you are like...a junior gymnast.  Not Simone Biles.  So no matter what you do, ever, you won't do gymnastics like Simone Biles. It doesn't matter how much time/practice you put into it.  The classes/subclasses represent those potentials.

Hurtful.  But I understand.
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by triste on September 16, 2021, 09:24:32 PM »
My playtimes are really low right now so I feel like I qualify for giving some feedback, mostly to plus one some points here.

+1 Everyone is getting busier and has less time in general. We can fix this with the point below.
+1 to the GDB and Discord being inadequate. The GDB is a PITA to use on a phone, and Discord is a toxic cesspool, agreed. People do not forgive each other over OOC grudges as another poster here alluded to, and it makes people have to do laborious crap like register new GDB handles to hide their identity, etc. Something like offline way messages or just a more modern means for us to communicate OOCly would help a lot.
+1 to GUI character generation to help newbies and old players alike, I would even volunteer to help code such a thing.

What's the common thread here? It is that we should invest in some non-telnet aspects of our game. I truly believe that our website redesign and new request tool ("new," it is all about a decade old now) is part of what allowed Armageddon to survive and what caused comparably great but less spruced up RPI games to die. As a telnet game, Armageddon is fantastic and a lot of great features have been added and balanced. But when I tell friends and coworkers what my weird terminal game is and they are interested (maxx vintage haxx), and they check out the website, it can be hard leaping right into the game. I think one of my coworkers, a big dork, told me, "It looks really cool but I couldn't figure out how to play," and he was a Technical Program Manager and not a total dope, he runs Roll20 games etc.

It is fun imaging a future state where if you make a character on the website, you get your offline messages, you get to see your clan board as soon as you join it without having to issue a request and wait, etc. If we care about data, a case can be made that the RPIs which have invested more in this outside-telnet tooling have done proportionately better in terms of player counts, etc.
Code Discussion / Re: Opinion on Mastery of Skills
« Last post by Brokkr on September 16, 2021, 08:33:30 PM »
For crafting?

For one, certain recipes are gated by skill level.  So if you can only get your cooking to advanced, you might not be able to craft that master level steak, ever.

In terms of economic competitiveness, those with more of a talent for it will break less stuff/make more money.

So, yes, you are like...a junior gymnast.  Not Simone Biles.  So no matter what you do, ever, you won't do gymnastics like Simone Biles. It doesn't matter how much time/practice you put into it.  The classes/subclasses represent those potentials.
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by mhartman on September 16, 2021, 07:31:41 PM »
I like to get really wrapped up in a role and try to get them to live a long time. Often between that I am puttering around on characters because I have a zoo and am married. It can be easier to play when there are more people around, but that's not it for me. Armageddon is an unchanging sort of staple in my gaming life, for a long, long time. During changing times, whether they are good or bad, like a move, or covid, armageddon basically stays the same. It's my favourite game.

I think over the years, if I look back, an amazing job has been done making this game MORE accessible, more interesting, rich and friendly (OOCly). Discord helps. Request tool helps. Transparent and helpful staff, some of who we have grown older with, all that helps.

I would love more time to play. I don't think there's much to be done about that.

Quality of life improvements would be great, there is a thread on that.

 I know people enjoy crafting, but I don't. There's a huge emphasis on crafting and staff or PC-led plots. I like playing a character more than I like plot, and I find crafting encourages people to sit in apartments more than even mudsex did/does if/when that happened for people. In a way, the more this game is about crafting, and selling stuff, the cities become sort of a place for hunters to rest at night. I wonder if both sides of this equation get a little bored. The crafters live long and don't always accomplish much, and the hunters die off to aggressive wildlife.

I love how permadeath keeps the game fresh, new character descriptions, the air of not knowing who is playing who is really fun to me. With permadeath, it means something to lose a character. But it can be draining -- I wish I could talk to more of you and know you better, chat about our PCs and stuff. But then we lose some of the mystery that makes it exciting to play.

Those are some preliminary thoughts.

Biggest improvement to the game that veterans, staff and new players can make is to learn to forgive one another, and realize the nature of Armageddon, which can be surprisingly EASY to forget: it's a game. It's not your therapist, your friend, your lover, your family. It's just a game. Lighten up and play around! And lets not punish eachother for being logged in. :)

General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by Sephiroto on September 16, 2021, 07:30:30 PM »
What are some of the causes that have made you play less or not at all?

  • RoI - time is precious and when I left about 8 years ago the game felt a little stale and the staff player relationship felt too toxic for me to want to be around

What are some changes you think would benefit the game and draw more people - new and returning?

  • GUI based character generation
  • A newbie 101 pipeline to help new players survive in game and learn the ropes without breaking the 4th wall. I posted a link about this in Discord.
  • A moble friendly site and board; posting this from my cell has been hell

What sort of things should do we more of?

  • Perform form-driven surveys to make data driven decision about where to take the game
  • Continue with the QoL improvements to the game. There's some really good new changes to the game, and probably more I haven't seen yet.

What sort of things should we do less of?

  • Continue on as if it were the year 2005. It's not that bad, just saying that staying current and being somewhat adaptable while maintaining the general atmosphere is important[
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by Pariah on September 16, 2021, 06:38:18 PM »
My ebbs and flows over the years are from relationships mostly and work.

When I was in my last three year relationship, I couldn't put the time towards the game because I'd work 40 hours a week, then wanna play a few hours of Arm at night and my GF would be giving me grief because I'm not "Spending time with her." even if that time was just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Other than that, had a job where I traveled around the world, was in a different country ever few weeks.  So I also didn't play then, but I kept up with staff announcements and all that.

So I blame relationships and work are probably the biggest things.
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by WarriorPoet on September 16, 2021, 06:31:30 PM »
I still play 'regularly' but yeah. Kids, job, responsibilities have gutted my playtimes and, if I am being honest, my enthusiasm.

Arm is a game that requires a lot of time to thrive in. The last 5 years or so if I get a sponsored/leadership role, I end up feeling guilty that I can't put in enough time to move and shake. I would love to play another AoD sergeant but if I did I know in my heart that I will eventually have a week where I ghost completely because of kids' sports and that some of the storylines are just left on the table. I just feel guilty taking a spot that could be filled by a consistent player.

Then, there is the inevitable death to spider/gith swarm, or even RP-lacking PK that is so frustrating. Can I justify 12 days played only to die in a goofy-ass way that adds nothing to my story or anyone else's?
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by stoicreader on September 16, 2021, 05:35:05 PM »
I don't play as often because I'm busy with real life.

I did quit for a time when I was newer to the game. I was frustrated with the OOC-FOIC rules. I know a number of other folks quit over the same frustration, particularly new folks.

I have come back and love the game.

With that said, it's not a criticism of the staff. It's a criticism of the policy. I believe it's taxing for the staff to have to enforce those rules.

I remember when I had to go to the shadow boards to look up the branching trees of the legacy "guilds" but now it's in the help file for the new guilds. I find that what's FOIC is rather arbitrary and if you're a new player, it's frustrating enough to quit.

Some of the OOC outcomes of discord totally suck, some total jerks there. But it doesn't effect my playing of the game so it might be out of scope of your post.

I really really really like how attentive and flexible staff is. I really like my fellow players for the most part.

But. For a newbie. Getting familiar with the game with getting FOIC thrown at you all the time is a reason to quit logging on.

Another reason to quit logging on is that I can play and never come across any players. The game world is huge. But I'm not sure there is a remedy to this.
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by Hauwke on September 16, 2021, 05:32:41 PM »
I think the biggest crux of our current position, is that we are an aging playerbase with children, families and jobs. We also are all pretty sick of having to stay inside at the moment.

I mentioned it in Discord as well, but I also think many players clamored for the return of Tuluk without fully thinking about what the benefit would be, or why they actually really wanted it open again. I personally only wanted reopened because it was taken away and I'm sure many others would say the same if they reflected on it.

I also think some of the players who clamored the hardest and still didn't return are just completely done with the game that even the return of Tuluk wasn't enough to draw them back in.

I think if we wanted to draw some more returning players back in, we need to adjust some of the pain points of the game. In my mind those are the grind and the sometimes arcane crafting system. I have no idea how we would fix them, I really don't but I do think addressing them and making them easier or at least clearer would help.

As for why I play less these days, I play less because I don't have the time anymore. Between kids and other things, Arm gets put on the back burner as much as I hate that.
General Discussion / Re: Game Feedback Wanted
« Last post by Malken on September 16, 2021, 05:26:37 PM »
The truth is that I got old and married and have a career. As much as I'm super thankful for Tuluk reopening again I realize that I'll never have the proper time to dedicate to Arm again. I'm happy when I have a couple of hours here and there for my Steam games.
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