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Last post by Roon - Today at 04:18:20 AM
Well, it's always possible that there are wholly unannounced changes in the pipeline, but we can't base our opinions on unfounded hopes. As it stands, the only ones who are allowed to craft 'amazing' weapons are members of House Salarr, and members of any tribe that specifically specializes in crafting weapons of that type. From what I can tell, the latter will not exist in Season One (and in future seasons, maybe you can't play in Salarr), and I feel like that calls for a change to the rules about crafting top tier weapons. It would be boring if the only way to make weapons for which there's a demand was to join the one clan that permits it; and there wouldn't be any need for that restriction when everything is wiped from the board each time a season ends. Seasons largely do away with the perils of "flooding the market" with high-quality weapons.
General Discussion / Re: Crafting High Quality Weap...
Last post by digitaleak - Today at 04:10:47 AM
I imagine there will be larger plots going on in the Season that involve power struggles over strong featured clans and all other clans that seek to change the status quo. Perhaps there will be new clans? Who knows! I'm curious to see if crafting rules will change slightly for indies to be more competitive and scale to the shorter seasons because I also imagine they will be adjusted in a way that makes sense.
General Discussion / Re: Crafting High Quality Weap...
Last post by Roon - Today at 03:49:45 AM
As I understand it, there will be no clans open outside of whatever place is the focus of a season, and Season One's focus is Allanak. And unless your big "character story" is to create a weapon that will last forever and become a future relic to be found in the ruins of wherever as part of some formal storyline, it'll be gone when the season ends and all characters (and their inventories) go the way of the kank. What are you gonna do, bury your amazing sword in the Salt Flats and then dig it up in the subsequent season with another character? I don't think that would fly.

QuoteWhat would happen if they did have a monopoly... and what would it look like if the player base did something about that in game? 

As the rules currently stand, there would be no "doing something about it" because the only ones who even have the option of crafting a top tier weapon are members of House Salarr, and members of a tribe that specifically specializes in making weapons of one particular kind. From what I can tell, such tribes will not exist in Season One, and so the only ones who have the option to make top tier weapons at all are members of Salarr. Hence the concern about a lack of competition-based roleplay and conflict. If nobody is even allowed to compete, there is no competition.

In my mind, the GMHs should be out there breaking the kneecaps of anyone who make anything as good as what they sell, and that's a fantastic source of conflict and subterfuge. Except if it literally isn't possible to do it at all, it won't be anything, and then the GMH playstyle remains that of shirt-sellers who store after two months because it's so boring that you die in real life.
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Last post by digitaleak - Today at 03:45:44 AM
Perhaps I misunderstood the details of the Seasons updates, but I was under the impression staff was still aiming to create zones outside of Allanak for people to enjoy all play styles. Also, I was under the impression player stories would still be able to outlive their characters even in the next seasons depending on how the storylines are affected by players. So a player wipe at the end of a season doesn't necessarily equate to a wipe of everything players have been working towards while they were alive.

If these things are the case, then I'd imagine there's still going to be incentive to play crafters and/or compete with Salarr. Though, it is food for thought... What would happen if they did have a monopoly... and what would it look like if the player base did something about that in game? 
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Last post by Trevalyan - Today at 02:30:14 AM
I don't think it's likely that I'll be able to speak about every single Tuluki player, in a sphere absolutely packed with top-tier characters, but Petal in particular had it going on. Easily one of the most underrated Circle members, and he could have gone all the way if the sphere stayed open.
General Discussion / Re: Crafting High Quality Weap...
Last post by Roon - Today at 02:17:38 AM
Now that there may be seasons that don't feature either tribes or a playable House Salarr, and come with a definitve end date with a pwipe, wouldn't it be prudent to soften the restrictions on high-end weaponcrafting?

One aspect of the GMH playstyle that I've always wanted to see more of is protecting your commercial advantage. If Season One doesn't support clans outside of Allanak, there simply won't be anyone who can attempt to compete with Salarr, so it robs that clan of opportunities to actually fight against the competition because nobody else will have the ability to craft the best stuff. Crafting the best weapons is limited to Salarr and tribes that specialize in a given type of weapon. Without the latter, Salarr has a hardcoded monopoly. That sounds dull.

A potential source of thematic conflict will have been removed from the game altogether, and it was a largely untapped source of conflict that I would have liked to see expanded and turned into a more prominent feature of GMH play, not eliminated. GMH play has a reputation for being boring and leading nowhere, and it would be much more appealing if GMH characters had an incentive to either go mafia-mode and break the knees of the competition or try to persuade (by hook or crook) talented crafters into joining them. This is super thematic and would make the role much more interesting, instead of being glorified salesmen and sweatshop workers.

Maybe it can be made so that indepenents with the requisite skill in a weapon craft can make one "magnum opus" top tier weapon, or perhaps two per year or something. This still leaves Salarr with a significant advantage, without making it so that they don't even have to care about anyone else because it's factually impossible to even attempt to compete with them and be someone they have to investigate, threaten or bring into the fold.

Secondly, with seasons having a finite timeline and ending in a pwipe, there's less need to worry about flooding the market with high-quality weapons. According to last year's announcement, you can only make four 'top tier' weapons per year, and you must wait a minimum of two months between each. I think that limitation can be lessened. Keep in mind that it only really applies to Salarr, for Season One.

Six per year and one month between each seems more reasonable, and I feel like the three-step progression can be reduced to two, i.e. mastering a weapon craft lets you CC the second-best and then, when that's accomplished and you've waited out your CC timer, you can make the best of that one category. Then you can choose whether to start over with another weapon category or make different top tier weapons of the same category you had already perfected.

Without that, I feel like there's too little incentive to bother at all when you know it's all getting erased from existence at the end of a season. Crafting top tier weapons is already a somewhat underwhelming goal because the character crafting them doesn't really get to benefit from the objects (what the F is an artisan gonna do with an amazing weapon?) so you're basically doing it for other people, or maybe the faint hope that one of your future characters may one day happen upon a copy of your old creation. If you can at least make these weapons often enough that master weaponcrafters are Zalanthan celebrities who can have people vying for their friendship, it'll add some oomph to an evidently unattractive character concept.

As a final side-note, with amazing weapons being as exclusive as they are, they definitely need to be removed from any NPC's loadout. When this change went in, I was miffed to discover that the best way to obtain a top tier weapon was not to curry favor with the finest crafters in the land, but rather to find out which NPCs spawned with amazing weapons and then killing them.
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Last post by Tuannon - Today at 12:45:26 AM
I think it's somewhat audacious to assume Arm is as toxic as Rust or Fortnite or League of Legumes.

On the topic, I think moderation will always be trying not to fail while the team has no real goals or mutual internal support. I also think that it needs to be truly independent from staff in order to be what it claims to be. So no former staffers who still engage in communications with staff like they are staff, no staffers telling moderators what and who to moderate and no staffers moderating for moderators.

There is an inherent environment of dishonesty that has never really gone away.

General Discussion / Re: Feedback on moderation thr...
Last post by Armaddict - February 29, 2024, 10:33:28 PM
Quote from: Windstorm on February 29, 2024, 01:16:47 PMI neither need people being jerks to each other, nor advocating for the freedom to be jerks to each other.

I'm not going to keep on beating the horse, but I did want to point out that I, nor anyone else that I saw, advocated for freedom to be an asshole.  Most have even spoken against it explicitly.

What we did say was that heavier moderation was not needed, and that the current measures are adequate.  Mutes and short-term communication bans are excellent measures for a player-run committee to have, long term bans are not, precisely because of how problematic that becomes over the long term; while it may seem like you've created a docile speaking ground, you're actually just cutting out a lot of meaningful dialogue on topics just because people care enough about it to get frustrated with a conversation.

Pointless trolling, lashing out, uncalled for personal attacks?  Sure, mute 'em.  Someone who keeps on coming back and reinstigating or bringing up past arguments in a non-constructive way?  Sure, give 'em a couple days.  But no, I do not agree with long term bans because a volunteer team doesn't like that they have to keep on taking actions, or that people don't fall in line enough to their exacting specifications in dialogues.

Recoverable, temporary punishment is ideal for what end up as snapshots in time in dialogue.  Leave long-term, heavier punishments to a much, much higher standard.  That's it.  It's not 'Freedom to run amok and insult people' that anyone is calling for.  It's saying it's a bad idea to increase the weight of punishments based off of an ideal that is not that realistic over the long term.
General Discussion / Re: Feedback on moderation thr...
Last post by Dresan - February 29, 2024, 06:16:29 PM
I don't the armageddon community is that toxic compared to other gaming communities.

Its actually pretty good compared to equally size places. For example, i've openly been called an asshole in another mud by staff, this after i mentioned the clan he ran was full of shitheads. We both shrugged and moved on...not a huge deal and i still like that game.

What is toxic is the relationship between staff and player. Often for very good reason. Equally as toxic is the divide between players who still support staff/game and those that don't. This toxicity is what has bled out to every part of the game and on other platforms.

Finally, for everything else i feel there are a certain number of overly sensitive people that are prone to drama and over exageration. This is not a dig or an insult to them. However, i think they have an expectation of this community which isnt in line with the reality of a group of strangers playing a game on the internet.

For example there was one person sharing their personal feelings of depression on discord. In an ideal world everyone would care but again not reality of the internet. The lack of empathy was conveyed and they eventually asked whether their feelings mattered. Again not trying to be insensitive about a persons problems but we shouldnt be in the business of creating college style safe spaces for people. Its actually dangerous to do so, and i feel we have seen the results of that.

I think the game would be served better with a stronger focus on discussions about actual game. It should avoid facilitating ooc conversation as much as possible, and only engage in ooc when its been decided by staff that it is an important topic to the arm community to discuss. And by all means, people should be free to socialize with whomever but the game should have no part of it when it isn't related to the armageddon game experience. Let people who wish to engage in ooc topics take those conversation to a place of their chosing at their own risk.

General Discussion / Re: Longest Lived
Last post by Bogre - February 29, 2024, 04:43:11 PM
Quote from: Trevalyan on February 20, 2024, 04:48:08 PMHey gang. I'd just like to say that most of the complaints about "insufficient" RP are ones I never thought applied north of Luir's. I've always been happy with the characters inhabitating the wild and wacky Northern sphere, and though I wasn't happy with how I ended I don't regret a moment of time spent IG. I learned a whole lot that has bigger applications.

Anyways, this is likely not going to be surprising, but here:

Played from 23 years old to 26
Stood 4 cords, 2 inches tall. Weighed 7 ten-stone.
Raider / Forester
Born in Tuluk, started play in Tuluk.
Played for 73 days, 20 hours, 6 minutes.
Sdesc: the beefy, copper-haired woman
Keywords: beefy copper-haired woman Dara

As the player of Petal, Dara was great!