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The below is a list of roles that are currently open for application.

These are roles that are either not time sensitive or that haven't been filled by previous role calls. If you see a role you are interested in below, you may submit a Role Application Request at any time. Please be sure to submit your requests to the appropriate clan.


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Great Merchant Houses, T'zai Byn, Player Clans

House Kadius:    MerchantCurrently Filled
House Kurac:DealerCurrently Filled
House Salarr:MerchantCurrently Filled
T'zai Byn:SergeantCurrently Filled
T'zai Byn:First TrooperCurrently Filled
T'zai Byn:Spec App Troopers    Accepting Applications
Player Clans:Open for ConceptsAccepting Applications

If you are interested in one of these roles, please submit a request using the role application and selecting the clan you wish to put your applications in for.  Provide us with a detailed description of the character you're wishing to apply, complete with guild and subguild, main description, short description, background, plots, plans and goals.  We are interested in collaborative processes, feedback on how to improve the overall aspects of the roles and will work with all applicants towards creating a more fulfilling experience for our players.

**Special note on sponsored GMH roles:** Sponsored Byn Sergeants and First Troopers will now start with bumps equal to those of a boosted special applications.  These sponsored Byn leadership roles will be allowed to eventually leave the Byn, though only after a significant and consistent time spent in the role.  Merchants/Agents sponsored in will receive the same bumps they used to for piloting, cavilish, R/W cavilish, etc, but will now also enjoy double the previous allowed bumps to help save on some crafting time, and account for any "training" or "lessons" that their House might have provided in dealing with the public.  Merchants/Agents are not restricted to taking a full guild crafting class, or even a subclass in crafting.  However, bumps for combat classes will only be marginal, while retaining the other bumps that will apply normally.  Those that pick guilds and subguilds that do not get the custom crafting ability will now have the opportunity to submit in for a CC requested item of their Houses' make once every two RL (real life) months (this is subject to change).  Pclans follow the pclan documentation and are not applicable for any boosts other GMH leaders are allowed, unless you special app your character with said boosts and approval prior to clan creation.

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The Needs of the Tribes

All of these tribes require a documentation request, then a role application request, then once that is approved you submit in game.

Thryzn and Desert Elves require 1 Karma. Human tribes require 0. Desert elf population is limited to 12 PCs across three open tribes so there's room for frequent tribe rotation.

Akei'Ta Var  Not Available 
Two Moons  Not Available
Dune Stalkers    Not Available
Vru'Rihali  Available
Thryzn    Not Available
Mystery Human Tribe    Closed

Please send a request if you would like to play a tribe that isn't open! It's a big factor in desert elf rotations. See the original closure announcement here for details.

Update Log

Natious Note on 7/26/2023: The Desert Elves are plentiful and have filled (and greatly exceeded) the current threshold.
Kaathe note on Aug 13 2023: Desert elves are plentiful and slightly exceed the current threshold.
Kaathe Sept 4th, 2023: Delves have spots now! I will no longer call out if mage spots are open. Just ask.
Kaathe Sept 13th, 2023: Swapped 2M for RF and updated statuses. Tribes likely to continue to rotate based on population and other factors.
Kaathe Oct 16th, 2023: Crimson Wind moved to Southern team :( The Wind blows fierce!

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The Needs of Tuluk:

Tuluki Templarate:     TemplarCurrently Filled
Tuluki Nobles:     Junior NobleCurrently Filled
The Legions:     SergeantCurrently Filled
The Legions:     PrivateAccepting Applications
Akai Sjir:     Kjurr / Dealer       Accepting Applications
Bardic Circle:     ApprenticeCurrently Filled

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The Needs of Allanak:

Allanaki Templarate:    TemplarCurrently Filled
Allanaki Nobles:    Junior NobleCurrently Filled
Arm of the Dragon:    SergeantCurrently Filled
Arm of the Dragon: Privates / Corporal Accepting Special Apps / Apps
House Salarr:    Merchant TraineeAccepting Applications
The Guild:    BossCurrently Filled