Akai Sjir Rolecall

Started by Wychokka, September 23, 2022, 08:45:29 AM

Many are the secrets and shadows permitted by the Sun King in His Ivory. Some such shadows, and many secrets, are kept by the Bejewelled Hand: the Akai Sjir.

These distant cousins to the elves of the wastes (known for their propensity in raiding and acquiring what they need through guile and mastery of their territory) are not so different from one another. The northern elves of the Akai Sjir tribe are masters of the sprawling rooftops of His Ivory and the vantage points they offer, connoisseurs of combat as an art form, dealers of secrets, passionate craftsmen, and utterly fierce loyalists.

We're looking for a new Dealer/Kjurr of the Akai Sjir (and maybe a Jozhael) to prowl the Warrens of Tuluk and establish Northern Superiority through expression of the subtle arts. But besides the nefarious ways the Akai are traditionally associated with, they are also tasked with beautifying the Sun King's city with their tribe's historic art.

If you're interested, throw in a role application cc'd to the Akai Sjir with 'Dealer Application' as the subject with the following:

  • GDB account name
  • Character concept including name, description, and background
  • What you plan to do with the role
  • How familiar you are with Tuluk and its social structure, rules etc (preferred byt not required)
  • Your availability and playtimes

If you aren't familiar with the tribe, flesh things out as best you can and we can fine-tune it later with access to the docs if you're accepted.

We may also accept applications for Jozhael in the tribe if the right applications appear. This is the lowest rank in the tribe, and allows you the opportunity to work your way up from the bottom up. Please submit these applications with 'Jozhael Application' as the subject.

I'll be leaving this open until we find what we're looking for.

Good luck!