Allanak Collaborative Role Call: Players Wanted

Started by Haldol, March 24, 2023, 10:37:12 PM

Allanak Collaborative Role Call : Players Wanted

Hello, everyone. As we all know, there is a lot of change currently happening in the game. However, I want to set that aside for a moment as our Producers work out the details of changes to come. Instead, I want to focus on the reason that I've been playing and staffing this game since 1993. That's to have and provide fun for myself and other players in the Zalanthas setting.

The Southern Team is all new or in new roles. The team includes me, Aesira, Natious, and Eryluss. We recently hashed out some ideas for a plot that will operate in and around Allanak. However, before I get to the details, let me remind you of our last plot as seen from old staff announcements as follows:

It Started Here

Player Actions Led to This

Then to This

Which Led Us to These Guys/Gals

The Bad Guys/Gals gathered more PCs here

Then led to this planned battle where the "good" guys lost

Then the big finale where the "good" guys won

Now, I'm working on a new plot. To some degree, it will build on what happened in the last. However, it will be very different. How so? Well, before I get to that, I've reviewed a LOT of player feedback. I really liked what LauraMars said below:

Quote from: LauraMars on March 04, 2023, 12:55:21 AM
1. Story First - We strive to prioritize the narrative.
2. Time is Precious - We cannot do everything. We are here voluntarily. We respect our own energy and spend it wisely.
3. Top-Down Empathy - We treat everyone with civility, respect, and kindness, especially if they hold less power or have less knowledge than we do.
4. Radical Transparency - We answer questions honestly and completely. We show our work.
5. This is For Fun - Collectively created entertainment is why we are here.

I'm going to change their order a bit and start with #5. The goal of this plot is to have fun. That's for us (the staff) and for you (the players). THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! However, it WILL be with the traditional theme of murder, corruption, and betrayal. So, fair warning... there will be ups, downs, and conflicts.

Next, 3. Top-Down Empathy - We treat everyone with civility, respect, and kindness, especially if they hold less power or have less knowledge than we do. I hope LauraMars didn't copyright this because I'm plagiarizing it word for word. The whole Southern Team aims to run this plot being both POLITE AND FAIR. I believe my new brand of Storytellers will do just that and we'll all have fun along the way.

2. Time is Precious - We cannot do everything. We are here voluntarily. We respect our own energy and spend it wisely. Last time I stated a month-long duration, but it ended up being 3 months long. I'm sorry about the incorrect estimate. This time, I estimate the plot will run at least 3 months in length. It's possible that the selected PCs drive the plot into some different areas that may extend it. That will be determined (to some degree) by the players selected. Additionally, everyone in the current Southern Team plays primarily in American primetime (around 8 - 10 pm ST). After a discussion, the Southern Team believes they will be frequently available to run the required RPTs on Monday nights. Many of us will be frequently busy on the weekends.

I also did a lot of reading in the What would entice you to play in Allanak thread. After reading these posts, I found some common themes and have made some changes. Previously, we had several nobles within Allanak all trying to gather and fund plots, servants, and underlings at the same time. However, it became clear that the current way of running the nobility of Allanak wasn't appealing to many players. Thus, nobles sat around without much to do, without many henchmen, and eventually stored secondary to boredom. So, I'm changing things (because someone made me the admin of Allanak) to be more FUN for the players selected. What does that mean? Well, I got a lot of positive feedback from what I called "Team Evil" from my last plot. They seemed to enjoy starting as a group, developing as a group, and facing common goals/challenges together. Based on that success, I'm changing the noble house "script"...

First, check out this PROMOTION VIDEO that Enthemu made to get things started. Huge props to Enthemu for putting it together.

This is a role call for House Rennik. Instead of a role call for multiple nobles in different houses. This is a role call for a noble plus a team of ready-to-go henchmen. Here's what we need:

a noble of House Rennik (you'll be in a sponsored leadership role) You can be any non-magickal/non-psi guild/subguild combination. This House operates more frequently outside Allanak. Thus, you'll have more freedom than recent "traditional" nobles who were largely confined to table sitting. I'm also increasing your stipend so you'll have more coins to buy, bribe, hire, and generate fun for other players.

a Recognized Bastard of House Rennik (you'll be the right hand and potentially fill in as boss should the noble store, get assassinated, or get too busy in RL) You'll be a non-magickal/non-psi guild/subguild. You'll need to be combat heavy and you start with skill bumps similar to a Byn Sergeant plus get a fancy title. You'll be the half-sibling of the above noble.

an Envoy - It seems almost no one wants to play an aide so you'll play an Envoy. What's an Envoy? You'll operate as something of a "field aide" for the noble and be part of the Rennik foreign affairs branch. You'll need a guild/subguild that can guide and survive in the wilds. Also, non-magickal/non-psi guild/subguild.

a gemmed Vivaduan - You'll need to be subguild Vivadu healing or creation. I also suggest a heavy mercantile guild. If you enjoy custom crafting, building, or inventing things in the game. This is the role call for you. However, you'll likely tag along wherever the other Rennik PCs take you.

Now that you know what we need, what will you be doing? That brings us to LauraMars #1 - The Story. You'll be participating in a staff-guided plot over (approximately) the next three months. I can't give away the details. However, I say the Southern Team has developed an outline of what we expect/want to happen. It's going to be similar to a D&D or Pathfinder module. The Southern Team will act as your DM/GM and you'll be the literal PCs of the adventure. The action will take place during primetime, especially on Monday nights. However, we can't just go to the local game shop and buy a ready-to-play adventure module. We have to think, test, and build it all. So please bear with us if real life pops up and there is a week or two pause. Luckily, that leads us to the following:

Quote from: LauraMars on March 04, 2023, 12:55:21 AM
Collaborate more.
With that mental image in place, consider extending more collaboration opportunities to the rest of the group. That doesn't mean more GDB polls or sponsored roles. That means sharing the load of running this game with your users instead of doing everything for them. I think over the past years you have been starting to do this with the builder system and inviting players to write documentation, etc. All excellent.

There will be some specific goals or objectives. However, we've also specifically let parts of the plot very "sandbox"-ish. Thus, you'll get to add your own flavor to how things unfold. Hopefully, this will add to the fun and enjoyment of the plot. Fingers crossed!

This brings us to LauraMars #4 suggestion - Radical Transparency. I know there has been a lot of concern over staff playing PCs. So, many of you will be happy to know that I do not and will not be playing a PC during this plot (and currently have no plans to play a PC while on staff). The other members of the staff team will either not have a PC or play outside Allanak. These roles will not be available to staff members. This is to prevent any unfairness. This plot also has something of a set outline. There will be character development, a challenge/goal, and potential loot/reward if successful. As mentioned above, something similar to a D&D module. The theme of this plot is based around Allanak, builds off the last plot, and presents various challenges to the PCs involved. It also has a more (though not total) mundane and political aspect than the last plot. You will face challenges from a variety of NPCs who will be adversaries and/or potential allies. Is anyone still reading this? I hope so.

How to apply? Fill out a request for a role application and select House Rennik as the clan. Then answer the following question:

What are your usual playtimes?

Can you play on Monday nights (during server time evenings)?

Which of the 4 roles interests you? If you want, you can apply for multiple roles. If so, please state your preferred order.

What's your experience level in Allanak politics?

How long do your usual characters last?

If selected, what would be your goals outside of this plot (during the down times)?

Please provide a basic background for your character(s).

You do not need the clan documents in advance. Once selected, you'll get the opportunity to amend your background after reading the clan documents.

There's no need to submit a description at this time unless desired.

More transparency: I have no idea what (if any) interest this role call will generate. I've tried to listen to a lot of feedback and hope I'll find a group of players who find this appealing. You may wonder how will we select the players for the role. The Southern Team will examine them all and add our opinions. We need people to play when we're available to staff the plot purely for logistical reasons. This means playing on Monday nights (server time). We need players that play with some regularity or else the plot will stagnate.

Perhaps this noble house (or any noble house) doesn't appeal to you. Maybe you'd like to know what other clans have a good chance of being pulled into the plot. Here's a list of peripheral clans I expect to be involved in this plot:

- The Guild
- The Byn
- GMH merchants
- Servants of Allanaki Templars
- Steel Talons
- and possibly some of the gemmed

This role call will be open for 1 week, ending Friday, March 31st at Midnight.

Thanks for reading!

This is now closed. Thanks to all who applied.