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Started by Jimpka_Moss, January 28, 2023, 01:35:07 PM

Is there a thread for discussing the Economy, and the current status of the economy work? I have some opinions, and questions, but am not sure where to put them.
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It depends on what aspect of the Economy you're interested in.

Economy work in progress! ->,54533.0.html
This thread documents the work that the staff have done to adjust certain parameters of existing items.  It primarily discusses changes to existing items.

From what I've gathered, the goal is to take a certain type of item, and then adjust them all to a standard, that being weight, value, crafting materials, armor parameters, skill bonuses.  They have 'harmonized' it, so there are very few items that are extremely easy to gather and sell for thousands of coins.

If you want to discuss the game concept of 'buy low, sell high', and travelling different locations in order to get the best value of your craft, there isn't really any threads that say, "Wood items sell best in the south, and obsidian items sell best in the north".  That sort of gameplay mechanic isn't really discussed much.

When big changes have occured, the staff have created discussion threads on the specific changes:
"Wood" updates ->,57232.0.html
"Armor" updates ->,54534.0.html
"Weapon damage" updates ->,58613.0.html
"Crafting Weapons" updates ->,58908.0.html
New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

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