Release Notes

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June 20, 2024, 09:42:32 AM #400 Last Edit: June 22, 2024, 12:29:19 AM by Halaster
June 20, 2024 (Thursday)

- Fixed multiple bugs with armor repair, making it gain a little bit faster, and making it work as expected now:
When armor is lightly broken - Low skilled armor repair can fix it.
When armor is heavily broken - You need to be highly skilled to fix it.
When you fix it, you take raw material and patch it up.  It will use up some of the raw material.
The more broken it is, the more raw material you need.

- fixed a bad echo with teach room
- The game will attempt to quit PCs who are idle for more than 60 minutes. This is for their own protection.
  - PCs in a quit room will quit normally. PCs elsewhere will "quit ooc" if possible.
  - We now warn PCs on login if their last quit was a "quit ooc" (since this prevents you from using quit ooc again until you have quit normally).
  - You'll get a warning with a beep at least five minutes before you're forced to quit.
  - If you can't quit (normally or OOC), your PC will stay in the game but we'll continue to warn + beep every five minutes.
  - As before, hunger/thirst timers stop ticking after 60 minutes idle time.
  - Idle time is now measured as time since the last command or typo you sent. Pressing RETURN or sending whitespace doesn't count.
  - Idle time is measured in seconds on the clock rather than iterations through the game loop.

Zorkbob the Inhaler
- minor drawback to max-mana for a short period of time when sharing mana - doesn't happen when you type assist, but only when the mana is drawn and used
- improved feedback to a few staff commands
- fixed a crashbug from earlier in the week
- fixed another crashbug from earlier in the week

EDIT:  It was on Thursday not Friday, I forgot what day it was.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

June 22, 2024 (Saturday)

- possible bugfix for a recent crash
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

June 22, 2024 (Saturday)

- updated: help mana
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

June 26, 2024 (Wednesday)

- swapped a starting spell and a tier 2 spell for full guild Drovians so things would make more sense.  To any drovians who haven't branched any starter spells, you should see another spell show up.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

June 28, 2024 (Friday)

- reduced skellebain max timer to 20 minutes from 40 minutes.  It's still possible to suffer from it more than 20 minutes.  20 minutes is from the very last time you're poisoned.  So if you get poisoned with it, and then 10 minutes into that you get poisoned with it again, the 20 minute timer can start over.  Still, this should reduce the total time suffering from the poison

- crashbug fix
- another crashbug fix
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

July 2, 2024 (Tuesday)

- multiple updates to a sekrit magick project
- Drink containers now show an estimated capacity when assessing, just like regular containers
- when casting with the 'nil' reach, all spell-casters (except templars) will see a random affect instead of a simple "Ok.".  This is to provide you with a 'hook' for roleplaying while casting, something you can react to (or not if you so chose) to break up the monotony of casting with 'nil'.

- Add a staff command for debugging.
- Learn command tells about how long until the next time it can be used. (one/a couple/etc. hours/days).
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

July 6, 2024 (Saturday)

- Don't show '+' on skill sheet after a failure when the skill is already maxed.
- various bugfixes with build process
- "where" command (player version): include players in tavern-adjacent rooms in the count for the tavern room, unless behind a closed door
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

July 10, 2024 (Tuesday)

- increased wildlife numbers in the south
      - scrab and beetles up about 33%
      - jozhal, chalton up about 50%
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

July 13, 2024, 10:33:07 AM #408 Last Edit: July 13, 2024, 01:06:39 PM by Halaster
July 13, 2024 (Saturday)

- more work on a sekrit magick project
- updates and additional messages to Nil casting

- Small staff-side improvements to shop management.
- Features for a new crafting skill.
- Add a new tool type.
- Tweaks to some crafting devices.
- Typo fixes.
- Added 'Seif Akir make'
- Tweak the shop item buying limit from 4 to 5, and to increase frequency of 'virtual' sales

Zorkbob the Inhaler
- new staff command to help with drink containers
- tweaks to tents, not allowing them to be made in tunnels
- tweak to lockpicks, see,60728.0.html

HOTFIX 1:  fixed a bug with casting
HOTFIX 2:  fixed a bug with tents
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev