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New changes for CGP, extended subguilds, and skill bumps:

Players may now utilize their karma equivalent CGP for skill bump requests.  If players have karma, they may utilize skill bumps in conjunction with extended subguild requests.

Race and guild choice will now be taken into account when considering CGP applications.

To streamline the process for now, all extended subguilds will cost 3 CGP, only purchasable through an extended subguild request.  They will return to their former established values once the system is more automated.

Recap and explanation of this system with the above changes incorporated:

CGP (Char Gen Points)

This was an envisioned system developed by Morgenes back in 2011, one where points would regenerate automatically and allow players to select extended subguilds and skill bumps on their own.  Due to a loss of data we are working still on making this an automated system.  In the interim, here is what you will need to know about it and the most recent changes to the system to get players more used to how it will be set up codedly.

What is CGP?

At this time, CGP is a virtual currency that may be used to purchase special applications, extended subguilds for characters, and/or skill bumps.  The amount of CGP that you have is equivalent to your level of karma plus (at most) three additional points provided by the application.

What are CGP Applications?

CGP applications are one of the following:

Special Applications
Special Applications -- a request to play a role that is beyond what the normal application process would provide for.  This generally is taken to mean roles outside of one's karma level, though there are exceptions.  You may apply for a role that is no greater than 3 karma points higher than your karma level.  This is subject to approval of staff and is not a guarantee.  Special applications generally take about one full month to resolve.


Extended Subguild/Skill Bump Spec App
These can be combined or dealt with separately, depending on your level of karma and eligible options.
  • Extended Subguild -- a request to play a role that utilizes one of twenty available extended subguilds.  Extended subguild requests are usually resolved within a week's time.
  • Skill bump -- a request to have certain starting skills boosted.  Skill bump requests are usually resolved within a week's time.

What are the restrictions on CGP applications?

Each player has three total CGP applications they may use per RL year period at a rate of no greater than one per month period.  This means that you must wait at least one RL month between one CGP application and the next.  If you file a CGP application in January 2014, April 2014, and May 2014, your slots for CGP applications will be full until January 2015 (at which point, one will open up).  In April 2015, another will open up.  In May 2015, the last one will open up.

How can I use CGP?

Player Amos has 0 karma.  Putting in one of these application types would give him 3 CGP to spend on races, guilds, and subguilds.  Here is what he could do:

  • Special application for a desert elf (1k), vivaduan or rukkian (2k), a desert elf variant of vivaduan or rukkian (if applicable to the tribes that are open, so 1k + 2k), or a half-giant (3k).  These choices are all 3 karma or fewer.
  • Skill bump request for up to 3 skill bumps to a 0 karma race/guild PC.
  • Extended subguild request, but no skill bumps.

Player Talia has 2 karma.  Putting in one of these application types would give her 3 CGP to spend on races, guilds, and subguilds, in addition to her 2 karma.  Here is what she can do:

  • Special application for a half-giant (3k), desert elf variant of viv or rukkian (1k + 2k), a human/dwarf/city-elf/half-elf krathi or drovian (4k), a desert elf variant of krathi or drovian (1k + 4k), a half-giant viv or rukkian (3k + 2k), or a human/dwarf/city-elf/half-elf elkran (5k).  These choices are all 5 karma or fewer.
  • Skill bump requests for up to 5 skill bumps to a 0 karma/race guild PC, or up to 4 on a desert elf, or up to 3 on a 0 karma race vivaduan/rukkian.
  • Extended subguild request for a 0, 1, or 2 karma race/guild.  Talia could also do a 0 karma race/guild, an extended subguild request, and 2 skill bumps.

The same goes for higher karma levels.  

Extended Subguilds Available
Master Trader
Master Crafter
Master Jeweler
Master Armorsmith
Master Tailor
Master Chef

Extended subguild applications, on their own:  If you are filing for an extended subguild request and NOTHING ELSE, once approved, any staff member should be able to set it up for you PRIOR to your character entering the game.  Once the request is approved, you can put your character into the queue. You will need to include the request # in your PC's background and detail "approved for extended subguild X" where X is the subguild you were approved for.  That will help the staff member out in selecting your extended subguild.  Be sure to check your score after pointing to your start location to ensure that you have the correct subguild!

Skill Bump Details

  • Skill bumps will give players the option to bump starting skills one 'level' of mastery per CGP spent (though this 'translation' isn't accurate for all skills, as some skills have different levels of scaling).  
  • If bumps would cause the skill to branch, the player would NOT get access to bump those branched skills.
  • Only starting skills are available to be bumped.
  • Skills that are available to everyone with training (like ride, pilot and watch) would be available for bumping, the initial buy on those would be one CGP.
  • Some skills will be limited/restricted from being bumped.  For instance, weapon skills and some combat skills will not be bump-able more than twice each; the same goes for hide, sneak, steal, and backstab.  Offense/defense will not be an option for bumping.
  • Skills that fall into the weapons class (such as piercing, slashing, bludgeoning etc) are restricted to a total of 2 bumps overall. For example you may choose two bumps to slashing OR one bump to slashing, one to piercing and so on, as long as you do not exceed the two total per weapons category.
  • The process for this is not automated. It will require submitting the extended subguild/skill bump application for approval, which may take up to a week to be processed, and then requires an Admin+ to set up.

Skill bump applications, or skill bump applications plus extended subguild:  If you are filing for skill bumps or a combination of skill bumps and extended subguild, please note that the extended subguild part can be set up by any staffer, but you will need an Administrator+ to set up your skills.  This requires coordinating a time with a staff member.  If you are given approval, your request may be left open for you to coordinate a setup time with staff; if that is not done, please put in a request so that an Administrator+ can set up your character's skills.

If you have an extended subguild request in queue now, you can reply to it to request skill bumps if you are eligible.

Discussion and questions on the above (or possibly better ways to outline it and list it in helpfiles) can be found on this thread on the GDB.
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