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« on: November 24, 2002, 07:39:01 AM »
I think it would be cool if magickers left their mark from casting as well.  Make it harder for them to cast outside and such.  Defilers leave ash, suk-krathians would leave a sort of burnt residue, rukkians would leave cracked stone or something of the sort, vivaduans would leave water spots or mist in the air, or something, it would all be for the msg you get when they cast, some wouldnt leave anything, IE: drovians.

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Elementalists DO leave a mark from casting their spells, and your 'ideas' for their casting marks are not to far off from actuality.
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No they don't.  It doesn't stay in the room anyways.  It's just a msg before they cast.  There is never any real evidence that they were casting.


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I say this is a TERRIBLE bad idea.  Its fucking hard enough to be an elementalist already, the fact that they don't leave marks is their only advantage over defilers.
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No it's good idea! It's real!  I will admit it is somewhat difficult to get your spells to a respectable power.

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Alright alright, let's look at it...

Defilers leave ash because they're destroying the land, sucking it's energy for the spells, a powerful act like that on the land is going to leave something behind.

Elementalists are much less powerful, and draw directly from the powers that be (The elements) and therefore would probably not leave residue, unless their spell somehow affected the environment.


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I don't mean for everyone
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Each magicker, (when casting) has something happen around him.  I've seen just about everyone, but the thing is, it doesn't leave anything behind in the room to show it.  I just think it should (not for long, like 1-2 minutes) show the message in the room as well.

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I imagine since the aura of casting as it were, is really kind of a leak of their spell casting, it wouldn't be powerful enough to leave behind any notable traces. Maybe if it were implemented, you'd need to be able to 'scan' for it in outdoor areas.


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Yeah...and if objects or people or the environment has spells casted on the, you should be able to detect them. know...  detect magick...  or something...

but you would need to be magickal to detect it...

Or, if you are the elementalist, -you- create the atmosphere.   Because not -every- magicker is exactly the same...  That's why the documents are not clearly stated out.  The immortals have left it up to you to decide how your mage has their connection to their element.  If your lightning elementalist has frizzy, staticy hair, and gives shocks when giving you a handshake, or if your water mage somehow does something neat.

I wouldn't like to see perminent things hardcoded, just for the casting of spells, for the elementalists.
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From help guild sorcerer:

"Sorcerers do not 'automatically' gain energy to cast their spells as clerics can. They must instead gather it from sources of life. "

From help gather:

"Lastly, the accumulation of magick by defiling creates a thin film of ash near the sorcerer, thus marking his/her presence. "

So, to address your suggestion.  First, not all sorcerers create ash.  Preservers do not, Defilers do.  Secondly, defilers create ash when they accumulate magick.  Elementalists gain energy automatically.  The whole premise of linking defilers (no sorcerers, only defilers) leaving ash to elementalists leaving traces of their casting is thus somewhat flawed, as you are talking about two different things, really.
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