Opportunities for improvement: master cooking and luxury food

Started by Dresan, June 26, 2024, 11:33:03 PM

Quote from: Halaster on July 01, 2024, 09:46:23 AMMy first thoughts about these kinds of topics go straight to "what's the effort level in coding this?".  The code part wouldn't be difficult at all.  The real work is updating all our existing food items to have a quality to them.  It's never been an important 'stat' for food so it's never been accurately set. Thinking about that is when I start to go "uugh, what a pain that would be"!

Granted, I don't know the specific database or code that this game is working with, so feel free to ignore this if i am off my rocker, but ideally price point should be a deciding factor for whatever benefit the game decides to set at various ranges.

Cost is still a good starting point even if it hasn't been completely accurately set. The reason being is cost should be dictating player effort in acquiring the food. The second factor after price is complexity of recipe (number of ingredients + mastery needed to craft it).

Oddly while type of ingredients could be thought up as a factor,  it doesn't have to be for regular cooking and it may make more sense for it to be a factor in custom recipes. I am also assume mek steaks already cost more than chalton meat.