Ability to locate and pickup items in darkness

Started by Lotion, May 26, 2024, 07:25:24 PM

There should be a time consuming and interrupted by combat way to pickup an item in the darkness without the assistance of an effect that grants the ability to see in the dark or makes it bright enough in the room to see. We have a command with a name similar to this sort of action "search" but considering how sparsely that skill is distributed I wouldn't want to see it done this way.

I'd second this. I'm sure it will be a bear to code something that seems relatively simple, but it's important not to softlock players and prevent them from doing something which, with a little time and breathing room, they would certainly succeed.

I have definitely had a torch go out only for me to drop torch thinking I could 'hold torch' with my ready spare.  Turns out I dropped the spare and had the burnt out one still in my hands.  And no direction sense.

More effort to enable feeling and movement while blind would be awesome for more than just getting a torch. It enables both permanent and temporary blind play.

But yeah something like "find keyword" to root around the room inventory and  containers for the keyword would be great.

iirc blind status in game is even worse than the dark status.  You can't even open containers on your person.


Blind status is kinda broken. Gamey, you can find a light source, but you can't find anything else. You can mount/dismount ...if you are hitched, but if not you've lost your mount, which is bigger than you. You can't find tablets, you can't emote properly with targetted items. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the exits you can walk across the world blind. Those are just a few somewhat unreasonable situations I first thought of.

I'm not sure how to code it, but while it sounds like it would need some specific code, any sort of tweaks could lead to some improvements in it.
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