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Started by Hestia, July 31, 2022, 10:36:01 AM

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Does your character love long walks on the sea shore with your beloved, hand in hand?
Do would they prefer picking posies and tying them into bouquets for their mom?
Or would you rather they just laze about like a dead fish, accomplishing nothing and dying alone?

If you said yes to any of the above, please don't apply for this role call app.  Instead, listen to some Bonnie Tyler til you can JUST SAY NO to inconsequentialism, and then apply!

I need a noble.
I'm holding out for a noble 'til the end of the week.
He's gotta be smart and she's gotta be cruel
And they've gotta be bold, not meek!

I need a noble!
I'm holding out for a noble who'll walk the right path.
She's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta burn brighter than Krath
Brighter than Krath.

If the idea of noble life is attractive but want a different measure of oomph to the role, check out this!

Some examples:

Here, Lady Dmitraklipha Valika burns you with her Stare of Disappointment.

Here, we have Lord Skelle Tor, destroying a Jihaen during the Copper War:

This is Lord Misrubel Kasix, teaching a new breed of mammalian mounts how to canter:

OOC needs:

  • Early peak (7-10 pm server) is optimal but mid-day or even late morning is fine too.
  • I need consistent logins. 10 hours a week all you can give, including weekends? That's fine. Just make sure the hours have some overlap with whoever you hire, since an employee who can never catch up to their boss = two sad players.
  • I need a public-facing noble. That means people need to see them. Commoners need to know they're out and about.  If they don't know you're there, they can't care. We are Team CareBear. Caring is sharing.
  • Must be intending the long-haul with your interest. Someone hoping to keep their noble PC for months, maybe years! Indefinitely!
  • Must be mundane.
  • Must respect the docs. That means if you want your character to stray from them, there'd better be a good reason, and you need to communicate it with staff so we're not left in the dark as to why your PC just did what they just did.

Here's the main page for the Allanaki Nobles: https://www.armageddon.org/help/view/Allanaki%20Clans for you to clicky clicky.


  • Pick two!  Tell me a concept for the #1 preferred noble character you want to play. Also specify which House you'd pick if #1 was not available.
  • Need their name, brief physical description, and their #1 favorite thing to do on their day off.
  • Provide a general background if you're not very familiar with the house, and a detailed (but brief) background if you are familiar
  • Specify typical availability; average hours played per week, and usual time of day you play.
  • Short list of goals - at least 2 accomplishable short-term goals, 2 intermediate goals, and 2 long-term goals for your character.
  • Submit your request using the role-call option in the request tool, and title your request Hestia: Allanaki Noble

**Houses Fale and Sath not available at this time.
**This offer expires Friday, August 5, at 3:32PM or whenever prohibited by law. No refunds or exchanges, cannot be used with other offers. All rights reserved.
Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right

If you apply to more that one of the open roles, including the staffing call, please note which of them you would prefer the most.  That's always nice to know.
"I agree with Halaster"  -- Riev

We've had some bites with our recent app calls (templar, noble, staff) - this is a reminder there are just TWO DAYS LEFT for the Allanaki noble call!
Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right


I forgot to close this out yesterday, so anyone who submitted it today, their submission still counts.  I'll be checking the apps in the morning!
Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right