Bracketing Loan-Words IC?

Started by Saiseiki, February 26, 2022, 01:43:24 PM


I can't recall how to make a loanword stand out while speaking an IC'ly foreign language.  I thought it was putting the word in <brackets>, but that doesn't seem to be working.  Help?

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<brackets> will make the language not be mangled by language code. this is good for proper nouns or loanword. to make a word stand out try **bold** or __underline__ but over the way bold doesn't seem to work for me so I go for underline over the way

Say                                                         (Spoken)
The say command is the primary means of communication in Armageddon MUD. When text is spoken with say, it is assumed to be 'in character' and is translated through language filters for each listener. No matter how poorly your character actually says a sentence, you will always be shown the exact text that you typed; only listeners will hear the true pronunciation.

Always use say for any communication that can be done in character, which should include virtually every instance.

You can include an optional description of how your character is saying something by using '-' (if it's a single word) or by including the description in parentheses (for one or more words).

The language code can be toggled off with the '<' character and back on with the '>' character. This is intended for proper nouns (usually names) and words being pronounced phonetically.

say <message>
say -<option> <message>
say (<option>) <message>
> say Hello, stranger.

> say -quietly Hello, stranger.
(This is equivalent to "say (quietly) Hello, stranger.")

> say (in a crackling voice) Hello, stranger.

> say (pointing at ~tree) Hey, look, an agafari tree!

> say My name is <Inigo Montoya>.
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You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one

Thanks so much, y'all.  =)
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

I never knew about this, and its awesome.

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I never knew about this, and its awesome.

I feel the same!  One of the many "quality of life" additions I've seen, just in my relatively short time here.
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

It's newish- that's why.
i love being a nobles health points