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Pinned link seems to be dead

This is just a copied link from mobile but maybe it'll work for you:


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Quote from: Ami on November 23, 2010, 03:40:39 PM
>craft newbie into good player

You accidentally snap newbie into useless pieces.


The link has expired - may we please have another?
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Halaster — Today at 10:29 AM
I hate to say this
[10:29 AM]
I'll be quoted
[10:29 AM]
but Hestia is right

Just expired - again please?

In your character approval emails, at the very bottom, is a permanent discord link:

New Players Guide: http://gdb.armageddon.org/index.php/topic,33512.0.html

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You win Armageddon, congratulations!  Type 'credits', then store your character and make a new one

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