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So, I have a few questions about slavery in-game that weren't in the help files. I sure hope I could be enlightened!!

So, who is allowed to own slaves? If a PC is forced into slavery and forced to store, does the PC or Clan who enslaved them gain a new NPC or VNPC slave?

Quote from: Ulga on February 13, 2021, 06:03:55 AM
So, I have a few questions about slavery in-game that weren't in the help files. I sure hope I could be enlightened!!

So, who is allowed to own slaves?

Typically organizations that can afford them, and that organization has an agreement with whatever local powers are in the area that allow for slavery.

For example:
The T'zai Byn, a mercenary company, can have slaves.
The other Major Merchant Houses can:  Kadius, Kurac, Salarr, and Nenyuk.
All the noble houses can.

As for people in Minor Merchant Houses?  That would be up to the city templars.

Quote from: Ulga on February 13, 2021, 06:03:55 AM... If a PC is forced into slavery and forced to store, does the PC or Clan who enslaved them gain a new NPC or VNPC slave?

Typically not, but that could be discussed during character storage with the storytellers and administrators.
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In general, the slaving houses would not sell a slave to a person who's liable to cause them trouble.

For example, A very Rich independent merchant who has a lot of coins, but no bodyguards, no personal guard, no estate, no compound, etc. He could actually afford a slave in theory. But he cant afford to keep control over that slave. Kind of like buying an alligator. Zoo and other organizations could probably get it with ease. A normal citizens will likely have some severe difficulties (Or should anyway). Because if you dont feed that slave, you will drive that slave to brigandry. Brigandry will lead to escape, and escape will lead to a bad example for other slaves.

So it's rare that slaves are sold to normal citizens, or even individuals really. More often they're sold to organizations with long standing reputation of being someone whose slave ownership is not causing too much headache to Slaving Houses and Templarate.  If AoD keeps needing to ride out to corral your escaped slaves, maybe its best not to sell them to you.

The whole Shtick of Borsail is that they breed slaves. Which means those slaves do not want to escape and can be trusted to do tasks of complexity and confidence. It's rare or neigh-impossible for captured slaves to be in this position.

Understand, that Allanak is a society hugely based on slaves. Most of it's industry is done by slaves. If the slaves were to revolt, the Templarate would have to use massive destruction magick to put the revolt down, likely losing a major amount of slaves. The biggest thing that keeps the slaves in check is "the way things are". The societal order, the way people intrinsically understand that Nobility are "BETTER" then common people and slaves are property. Even Slaves themselves believe this to be the case. And that kind of psychological make up is what keeps Armageddon slavery viable. This means that a commoner being a vagabound that spouts out stupid shit is bad, but ultimately inconsequential. Eventually he does it in front of someone else and gets his head separated. Dissension within slaves is a lot less tolerated. A lot more effort is put into preventing this. To maintain the Status Quo = The Cheapest method of keeping people obedient.

There was once a time when enslaving someone was more common. Templars would enslave PCs, nobility. Heck, as a Desert Elf Raider Tribe, me and my kin captured three PCs and sold them as slaves to House Tor. That was awhile ago and provided for some really fun dynamic ... short term.  Long term though, slavery is difficult. For people to be genuinely enslaved, their freedoms must be limited. Otherwise they're just ultra-loyal fellow citizens.  And if their freedoms are limited, then their ability to go out and persue fun things to play around in a mud is limited. Which means their owner has a RESPONSIBILITY to entertain them. Which is a lot extra stress on the owner. Usually it all resulted in a lot of bored/anxious players and storages.

There is actually a rule somewhere that you cant even perma-imprison anyone for a long while, without ... discussing it OOCly with your captive? Because if you're holding them in a cell, you're responsible for their entertainment in the game. Am I making this shit up?

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If a PC is forced into slavery and forced to store, does the PC or Clan who enslaved them gain a new NPC or VNPC slave?

Under EXCEEDINGLY RARE circumstances a PC can become an NPC. This is a fact, I only personally know of it happening once. When I mentioned that PCs can become NPCs once a bunch of veteran players didn't even believe me and argued with me (but I have the requests to prove it). Point being, it is RARE.

I don't want staff to get slammed with requests because everyone wants to be a special and effectively immortal NPC. But there are cases where it is justified and you might be looking at one of them.

The sort of circumstance that might more easily allow for it is if you are setting up/rebuilding a clan that needs NPCs and has niches that need to be filled. Staff aren't likely to indulge a vanity request like "I enslaved this dude and now I want to keep him in the back room of my clan that has 50 NPCs already as a trophy." Even if the person captured and everyone else were on board, vanity requests without a key plot purpose will likely be turned down. But if you have a more legitimate request like "Our growing clan needed a Half Giant slave and we went through a whole plot for two in game years to trick this Half Giant PC into eternal servitude, can he be an NPC now," that is more likely to be fulfilled if only because it spares staff having to work with you to create an NPC from scratch, handle animations for the sale, and so forth. If you do the work needed, staff will work with you. Basically the condition is if plot impact justifies the pain in the ass work of setting up an NPC, you can get your NPC.

In nearly all cases I have seen of PCs being enslaved, they are instantly stored and they disappear as VNPCs.
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If your PC is forced into gladitorial slavery in Allanak you perhaps can request to have him as a gladiatorial PC who comes out during gladitorial rpts. Or you may see them out there on the field if you aren't interested in that.

Owning a slave is a major sign of status, among commoners, if you have managed to attain a high level of status you may be able to have one as one of your NPCs once you reach that stage in your player clan. Trading slaves is legal in Luirs and Allanak, and all noble Houses and most medium-major merchant Houses all have them.

Spamming obsidian mining / salting / red storm tailoring until you are unrealisitically wealthy is not enough to buy a slave. These are premium products and it reflects on the House (Borsail/ Kasix) who they sell their products to. Well trained and bred slaves advertise their House's prestige just by being good slaves and being owned, so they are discerning who they sell them to.

Generally criminals who are made slaves are either untrained arena chaff to pad out events, breeding stock, or labor slaves working for the state. Due to first generation slaves having silly notions like "liberty" and "freedom" they are almost never sold on to merchants and private owners, as it looks bad for the House if a slave tries to escape or is rebellious. So lesser groups are buying bred and trained slaves, generally.

Hope that helps!

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