internal character motivation cycle?

Started by Lotion, May 24, 2020, 05:17:45 PM

Some characters I've felt like I'm not 100% enjoying the game as much as I could/should be and some days it's just ugh and I want to store but then there's a few good days
Is this commonplace/normal? Feels especially strong when playing a character who is in a more social role and just trying to vibe with VNPCs just isn't fun compared to other 'solo' rp i've done that did involve other players


Yes, it's normal!  The game lets you jump into someone else's skin, and roleplay around being them.  Sometimes it just doesn't click, and it doesn't seem like fun.  This is normal.

We're basically actors that get to play other characters in a world, and sometimes it's not fun.  If it's not fun, I suggest to log out, go for a walk, read a book, watch some TV show, write a story.   Be creative in another output, or don't be creative at all and just relax.

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For me, a lot of my enjoyment of the game comes from being social with other characters. In low playtimes, or when people aren't around, sometimes I simply find another game to play, or do something else.

The game often feels like it REQUIRES high playtimes, but don't let it control your day. If you aren't feeling it, your RP will suffer, and you will suffer trying to upkeep it all. Take breaks!
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