Is there a list of common commands used in Armageddon?

Started by Traines, April 02, 2020, 09:42:39 AM

I play two different MUDs and the code is vasty different, and I am used to the other MUDs commands more.  Is there a general list of common used commands for example giving a token for a mount, mounting such mount, foraging/searchng, combat commands such as blades and bow/quivers etc etc.  If there is and I missed it, I apologize and ask to be pointed in the right direction.

Thank you

I have not, I figured since I float and this has not been my primary MUD, it would help to have the commands and perhaps help someone totally new in the process. 

The guide Mansa linked is my first suggestion as well. I do not know of a list like you are describing that I have seen in some other muds. The helpfiles, particularly when viewed in a browser, are your primary resource. I would recommend these in particular:

Other resources include the discord and #help channel:,52418.0.html

The helper app from the main website (GET LIVE HELP, bottom right) is also good, particularly if it references specific, current IG situations:

Hope this helps!