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Re: Upgrading subguild --> extended subguild
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But ... People's stats are already changing. When you age you get stronger. Past a certain point you get weaker.

These changes are gradual over time, thus not jarring, and are never more than 1 point up or down on the stat scale. A complete reroll of your stats could potentially put all of your stats from one end of the spectrum to the other even though it's an established character. A complete reroll of stats years into a character's existence is quite jarring unless explained through magick.

On the other hand, allowing someone to increase a single stat by 1 "level" through a karma expenditure fits in line with stat changes that already happen in the game, as you mentioned with aging, and so it wouldn't be some huge, outwardly noticeable difference. But it would still potentially make a difference from the player's side of things, and so it would be worth it without being a dice roll on whether or not it's a waste of karma points or a boon from the gods.
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