Armageddon Achievements

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what's in the box!? - deliver your nemesis one of their minions heads, in a box
Can you hear me now? - deliver a speech to a paralyzed victim
Power rangers - get one of each element in your stupid crew
in the arms of an angel - be rescued by a whiran
*69 - contact someone on the way after they contacted you just to see if your online
Fifth of November - Help blow something up
Make it rain - Piss on Allanak from on high
Don't starve together - Work food into the mudsex session so you both don't starve
Straight from the hoes - mudsex a vivaduan for the water
Whistleblower - Oust your boss, to his boss, for the promotion.
Fighting Shady - Your kick at someone's kidneys sends them to the realm of Drov, as a Drovian
Final flight - Play the last full Whiran in Armageddon
They ain't so bad - successfully trade with gith
Long in the tooth - Your pc is the reason the Red Fangs are gone
Was that a dream? - login as your new pc, forgetting your old pc died yesterday, roleplay as old pc.
Night Terrors - Wake up in the middle of night scared you didn't log out
Peaceful driving - login from your phone while driving, scared you didn't log out before you left.
A staff member sends you:
"Normally we don't see a <redacted> walk into a room full of <redacted> and start indiscriminately killing."

You send to staff:
"Welcome to Armageddon."

Displease the Gods - Killed by "Mortal Slayer"
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Armageddon is best when it's actually harsh and brutal, not when we're only pretending that it is.

Owned: Roll a PC who gets dragged into a clan that they didn't want to join, get killed for the character hating their job and not doing it right.
Quote from: Lotion on August 20, 2020, 06:40:50 AMresting as a city elf walking in the wilderness because "I was so close" and then got jumped by things that could easily kill me and I didn't have the stamina to escape.

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They ain't so bad - successfully trade with gith

That one was the long term goal of my many a short term Red Fang ;(

Uno Reverse Card: Murder someone during their attempt to surprise gank you.
My Old Nemesis: Fall on your face drunk so much you give up leaving the tavern.
Honorary Gangster: Provide a service to a gang without joining them or answering to them.
Gang Warfare: Take yo squad to fight a squad.
I'm making my own
I get knocked down, but I get up again:  -9 hp, gets saved and goes on to have a long lived character.
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Samos the salter never goes to jail! Hahaha!

Hit the Bricks, Hot Stuff: Kill something with a flaming arrow.
I Was Feeling Stabby: Kill something with an ep'd arrow.

*some credit to Dan

Good endurance roll: Survive negative hitpoints while bloodburned.
Nastiest: Get kicked out of the Gaj for being too unsanitary.

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Good endurance roll: Survive negative hitpoints while bloodburned.

Yo-Yo: Go to -1 Hp from bloodburn. Fall asleep. 0. -1. 0. -1. 0. -1.....
Try to be the gem in each other's shit.

Whira's Luck - have bloodburn leave your system naturally with >5 HP.

Nine lives - Survived a variety of assassination attempts from Rinthi to Noble. My aide was clearly VERY liked.
Setting up shop - Managed to have a shop/hangout created for my clan
What's in a name - Got whiran'd because I had the same keyword name as a famous, highly sought raider

Sometimes, severity is the price we pay for greatness

I did this one!

Spice junkie - spend every starting sid on spice and snort all of it at once

(was this one listed? there's a lot now!)
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― Michael Scott, The Warlock

I Told Ya All But Ye Wouldn't Listen!: Make a foreboding prediction that turns out, with no personal effort, to be true.
Spiders, Spiders Everywhere: Attack an unrelated shadow.
No Kill Him, I'm The Real Me: Attack and kill another player due to keyword confusion (bonus points if it involves their name).

Welcome to ArmageddonMUD!: PC of some significance dies before even more significant actions IG take place that they would have been amazingly well suited for and you will feel about 5 years IRL of FOMO.
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A death too hot to handle - Die from eating a knobby red pepper. (Bonus points if it has happened with more than one character.)

Collared - Insult 'someone' so badly you wind up as their penned gladiator.

I want to be free - Get killed by your previously tamed mount, that went wild because you left it out during a reset, then tried to tame it and failed.

Enter the Matrix - Die from a glitch/error in the game. (Bonus points if your rez request was denied because people have already found you and you are considered dead)

What is WRONG with you? - As a human, kank more than 3 non humans. (E.g elf, breed, mul etc)

A staff member sends:
     "You can quit ooc - or if you want I can kill <character name>, that'd definitely reset it."

Don't press that button - when you accidentally run a command that crashes the entire game moments after you are told it will crash the entire game.

message me if something there needs an update.

Highlander Moment:  Login to the game while it is closed, not realizing it is closed. Type who and realize you are the only player in the game.  There can only be one! 

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What's in a name - Got whiran'd because I had the same keyword name as a famous, highly sought raider freedom fighter

I made a small correction.    ;)
"Let sleeping characters sleep naked." -Azroen

Psychic Helpfile: Helpfully teach another character about unusual/restricted knowledge you have no access to because it was in a helpfile.

Helper Contract Expired: Remind someone the color of the sky, or the fact they are casually drinking booze at the bar while clutching a heavy weapon in each hand. Bonus points if that person is you and you've been in a scene this way for ten minutes or more.

Navel Gazing: Look at yourself using 'l me' and end up looking at someone else.

Be out in the sands fighting a critter, get injured to below regen level, start freaking out about how you're gonna reach your destination - and then boom - night falls and it's too dark to see - and you get 2 hours IG to sleep out in the open and regen ;)

That's no moon... Use the line 'That's no moon" in-game during a moon related event.

All powerful daydreamer Lose a character with max tier spells to something insignificant whilst alt-tabbed or distracted from the MUD but still logged in.

Foresight Say or think about the unknown potential of your death and its cause accurately within 10 minutes of that event transpiring.

Big Game Hunter Successfully hunt a Bahamet, Mek, Silt-Horror, and Glowback with the same character.

Pack snack Get ripped up by a mob of 5 mantis or more.

Meat's back on the menu! Eat 5 different types of humanoid flesh with your character.

Zalanthas has talent Win a singing, dancing, or performance competition with your character.

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What are the Odds? - Actually completed a dwarven focus!

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Be out in the sands fighting a critter, get injured to below regen level, start freaking out about how you're gonna reach your destination - and then boom - night falls and it's too dark to see - and you get 2 hours IG to sleep out in the open and regen ;)

The night has eyes: Then get attacked by something with blind fighting.

Social Mountain Climbing - Seduce and mudsex a templar as a slave

Dentistry Aficionado - Beat and kill a creature unarmed whilst using gauntlets made out of its own teeth

Angered the bird god - Get swarmed and promptly killed by more than ten vultures

This is fine - Have your scan level up whilst you're alone in your own apartment room

Eat shit - Eat shit (and then die)
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Some that may also apply to other players:

Entertaining execution - die in the arena.
Zalanthan unicorn - die to a Gaj, outside the arena.
Important, in a bad way - get PKed.
Oops - accidentally kill another PC
Godly oops - get killed by a staff avatar that didn't mean to kill you. 
Stubborn - keep the same PC for a RL year or more, while actively playing.
Amos? Never heard of him! - hear all about your previous PC's exploits on multiple subsequent characters.
Dumb luck - get attacked by a half-giant gank squad of four or more, and live
Suicide watch - on the same character, fall into the sinkhole three or more times.
Kank the bird god! - get swarmed by a dozen vultures or more, and kill them all.
Combat dehydration - fail to kill your opponent for so long that you die from thirst, while having a full waterskin in your pack.
A rusty brown kank explodes into little bits.

Someone says, out of character:
     "I had to fix something in this zone.. YOU WEREN'T HERE 2 minutes ago :)"

Where Everybody Knows Your Naaaaame  - Die on The Cuddler
Wicked Munchies  - Get thrown in The Nursery
Very Dangerous Over Short Distances - die as a d-elf on the Pah to a dwarf
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