Armageddon Achievements

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You're the man now dawg: Successfully eliminate a sponsored role for IC reasons.

Everyone has aides: Successfully mudsex 3 different sponsored roles as a noble's aide.

Paint it black: Equip 10 different stealthy pieces of equipment.

Short but sweet: Recieve three kudos as a dwarf pc.

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Conservationist - attempt to coup de grace an aggressive animal while forgetting you have mercy on and your whole clan is watching

With a pencil.  A f*cking pencil - forget you're wielding your skinning knife and use it to kill a carru.

He went thataway - help "investigate" a crime you committed

This is exactly what I wanted to achieve with the Reddit post I made to promote Armageddon and maybe get some new players. If you Reddit please share some of the old stories with us in more detail! Least a year old please.

Here's my Been there, Done that list:

Quote from: Veselka on January 14, 2018, 06:22:32 PM
The Multi-Tasker - Carry on a perfectly normal Way conversation while banging someone else

The Royal Multi-Tasker - Carry on a perfectly normal Way conversation with a Noble or Templar, while banging someone else

The Royal Under-Tasker - Carry on a perfectly normal Way conversation, while banging a Noble or Templar.

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Glutton for Punishment - Get your max HP beneath 50.

The Ultimate Handwave - Don't sleep for an entire in-game year.

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I hate bugs - Hit your own beetle while trying to kill a drov beetle.

Welcome to Armageddon! - Die.

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"Star-Crossed Lovers"
Accidentally "kiss" someone you're trying to "kill".  (This doesn't happen anymore after a code change, but it was funny back in the day.)

"The Full Monty"
Accidentally whip off your pants in public, due to keyword problems.

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"...So What Now?"
Get locked in someone's apartment after they quit unexpectedly/go linkdead.

"Clever Girl"
Make a witty movie reference about raptors that surely no one has ever heard before.

"The Obsidian-Haired, Knife-Nosed Templar"
Mistarget a noble or templar in your emote.

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Wear an enchanted ring

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"Merely a Flesh Wound!"
Get knocked to below 10 hp and live.

"'Tis But a Scratch!"
Die to a hit that "barely grazes" or "nicks" you.

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My body is hideous!
Full mudsex session without removing any gear.

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Mixed Messages - Talk what you meant to way at a bar, or vice versa.

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I'm pretty good at "Oww that stings" Successfully poison yourself and then die because you can't find a cure in time.

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The Curse of Ginka:
On a long lived character, begin a plot line, submit a description change or ask for some other sort of staff involvement. Then promptly die.

The Curse is real!  The Curse is real!!

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The stench is likely deadly. : Play a character who has never removed an article of clothing,  for IG years.

This is probably nearly everyone. Even aides. Few worry about simulating hygiene, just as few worry about simulating defecating.

EDIT: maybe not so much 'removed' as never changed to something new though.

THESE are some of my achievements:

"Dumb and Dumber" - Prove your human boss is dumber than you HG... because she lets you drive a wagon right off the shield wall.

"Whaaaaat? I can't hear you!" - Wear a LOT of enchanted stuff.

"Were you afraid I'd kick your ass?!" - Got killed while AFK during an actual scene, not insta-ganked.

"The Cherry Plucker" - Play the character with whom FTBers cross over.

"Dearly Departed" - Been in someone's head when they got dead.

"That's just fucking cruel" - Been Way taunting someone while they're getting dead.

"Lucky Bastard" - Had a noble's bastard.

"The Messiah" - Play a truly sacrificial character.

"Roleplay Enforcer" - Make an exception to the rule character HOPING people will play by the rules AND THEY DO.

"The Rule Breaker" - Make an exception to the rule character that makes it really hard for others to stick to the standard.

"The Gick Lover" - Have characters fall in deep mad love with 'gicks.

"The Synergist" - Play the character that incites major change in the lives of others.

"The Venus" - Play the character that inspires true love in others who have never otherwise experienced it with any of their characters.

"The Erida" - Play that bitch that inspires true loathsome hate in others.

I'm taking an indeterminate break from Armageddon for the foreseeable future and thereby am not available for mudsex.
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"Labor of Hercules" - Get the guard skill to branch, having chosen the Protector subguild.

Virgin:  Never have mudsex with any of your characters.

Confirmed Virgin:  Play more then sixty characters who have never had sex.

I'll always come back to you:  Have kids with the same IG character with two different characters of yours.

"Hey, You Dropped Something!"
Parry or block an arrow, wield it, and kill your attacker with it.

"There's Something Fishy About This Place ... "
Find a body of water in-game.

"Dying To Meet You"
Meet a Nilazi in-game.

Use a large word in your main description that doesn't make sense or match the definition of that word.
Where it will go

Are You Watching? - Constant use of hemote.
Fully Fleshed PC - Constant use of emotes, hemotes, semotes, thinks, feels, and the biography tool.
I Know Everything And You Don't - Obviously, everyone is wrong but you. You are always right.
Sexy And You Know It - Ignore realism and deck yourself out in pretty things/armor, in every single slot in your equipment list.
Weather? What Weather? - Ignore your surroundings and deck yourself in inappropriate but sexy things.
I'm Actually An Avatar - Wear one outfit for the rest of your PC's life.
This Is Actually A H&S - Kill one PC for no reason. Just because you can.
I ruin immershunz.

I think we've gone over to the bad place.
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You know I think if James simply retitled his thread "Cheese" and apologized for his first post being off-topic, all problems would be solved.

I'm a fan *starts making checkmarks*
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Quit OOC: play the game without looking at the forums, discord,  talking to other players, etc at all

Excalibur: Spend a bunch of coin on a sword, only to lose it within a IC month.
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Quit OOC: play the game without looking at the forums, discord,  talking to other players, etc at all

I think anyone that reads that just failed.

I know kung fu: Wonder how the novice is hitting you so hard in a spar, only realizing after your first offense round you only emoted equipping your weapon instead of doing so codedly.

Benedict Arnold: Get confused in a group fight and frag one of your own people

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Completely Oblivious - Forage for salt while in the same room as one or more salt worm.

Gentle Giants - Have mega-fauna (Mek/Met/*redacted*) walk through a room you reside in, without trying to kill you.

I have the power of God and Anime on my side - Emote out a combat pose toward another PC/NPC, causing them to leave you alone.

Hunter's Ire - Have a random creature wander into your room and devour a corpse you were just about to skin.

Fuck Magick: In all of your arm life, you've never played a gicker.
Freudian Slip: Accidentally used 'necker' IG after the necker ban.
This Isn't Working for Me: Store 5 times in a row because you can't get hooked.
It's Only My Fourth PC!: All of your PCs last at least 1 RL year with regular playtimes. Yes. Including your throwaways.
Oscar-Worthy: Know something OOC but still does it IC, because your PC has no way of knowing.
Muls Have Tears? So do their bondmates: Made a mul and their bondmate cry.
I ruin immershunz.

The Lady Killer/Black Widow - Kill your adored partner/mate/lover.

Was That Hot for You? - Light them on fire when things get frisky.

Alley-oop - Set up someone's murder in retaliation for your death just before they kill you, and succeed.

Breakfast of Champions - Visit Denny's.

Get Bent - Actually kill your beloved friend when they tell you they're a mindbender.

Good Game - Pat someone on the back that is unconscious/helpless just before you kill them.

I could go on. Some of other peoples', I've done. This stuff makes me laugh.
I caused my knife to go into her back, and she effectively was murdered.<- Rulebook on how to politick. -Shalooonsh

Beetle herder Fall in a hole with your mount and try to subdue it when it can't climb out.
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The Ultimate Sap: Six gith enter from over a dune, and you are trying to Way your troubled lover.
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Shouldn't be banging dwarves. I'm surprised by how many of the extremely difficult ones I've, managed completely by accident.
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Immersion Intervention: Tell someone conversing at length in ooc chat to stop.

Come Revel in your Power: Be force killed by staff.

Final Objective: After resurrection by staff, keep your generated "was killed by" objective for novelty reasons.

Final Objection: After achieving Final Objective, receive a request from staff to update your objective.

Murder, Something, Betrayal: Bribe someone. Anyone! With anything other than mudsex.

The State of Politics in Allanak: Bribe someone with mudsex...

Necroing this thread, just because I can and I want to see what new achievements people have managed since two years ago. Last time we got some gems on here.

A couple of my new achievements:

Walk the Plank!: Put down a mutiny of your minions violently.

Doubling Dumb: Play equally dumb when someone plays dumb in attempt to get spell lists through loose IC questions.

Uno Reverse Card: Murder someone during their attempt to surprise gank you.

Right in the Mouth: Make people acknowledge a few PCs aren't a thousand people.

Falcon Punch: Initiate life and death combat unarmed, realize that, win anyways.

Not Everyone Dies During Their Sleep: Sleep out in the open, and don't pay the ultimate price for it.

There Can Only Be One: Use the who command, and be the only one online.

Bros Before Hoes: Kill your best friend, and then kill his girlfriend.

No Fly Zone: Survive multiple murder attempts by a whiran.

My Old Nemesis: Fall on your face drunk so much you give up leaving the tavern.

You Ain't John Wicke: Kill someone's mount, and then kill them.

Cinema Scenes: Share a goodbye with a friend, while the bugs eat them alive.

Honorary Gangster: Provide a service to a gang without joining them or answering to them.

Gang Warfare: Take yo squad to fight a squad.

Cracking a Cold One: Sex atop a pile of corpses with a nilazi.

No Way!: Find a place where psionics don't work.

I Fear No Man, But: Have something bring the fear to you.

It's Over 9000!: Get found out by a fellow mage's eye-magick, in a public place where it's illegal.

Fake News: Read someone's vaguebooking angry rants about their murder on the GDB.

You Can't Censor Me: Murder someone and have them post on the not-GDB about it.

Return to Sender: Pick up someone's arrow they shot at you and shoot it back at them.
I caused my knife to go into her back, and she effectively was murdered.<- Rulebook on how to politick. -Shalooonsh

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Wow "Cracking a Cold One" is the only achievement I am jealous of in this whole thread.

Mine are all those pathetic, bronze-tier achievements you get when you die and stuff.

WARNING, a lot of this is NSFW but some of you might have a laugh.

A helping hand - Get negative account notes for giving a handjob in your clan's sparring area.
Friends in need are friends indeed - Get multiple negative account notes for kanking breeds or kanking as a breed.
Honorary four karma player - Get accused of playing a mindworm every time you play a character with above average wisdom. Then die for it.
Golden Girl - Get into some mudsex roleplay within 20 minutes of leaving char gen as a 60+ year old.
The Notorious C.R.I.M. P.C. - Have multiple posts about dead criminal PCs of yours on the Gaj gossip board in the same month.
This is why we can't have nice things - Ask staff for a thing and have them respond to your request by retconning and removing it from the entire game.
Agoraphilia - Be attacked by multiple creatures, with or without staff animation, while kanking outdoors (I've gotten this achievement like ten times).
Why don't you kill yourself - Kill yourself, on command, due to mental impairment (being a HG, mind-wormed).
Like tears in the rain... time to die - Log in twice after a crash to let a group of people trying to kill your obvious antagonist PC have a chance after they failed to kill your obvious antagonist PC twice.
Failing up - Get PKed within 5 IRL days of getting a sponsored role, most likely by your own subordinates.
Failing down - Die within one day of a sponsored role by... well...

[Edit / Disclaimer: this was an attempt at self deprecating humor. I have maybe three positive and genuinely good achievements and love this game.]
message me if something there needs an update.

I died to what? Find an animal with a hard to spell name and no helpfile and die to it while trying to bring up the helpfile.

Too Gross: Get kicked out of the Gaj for sanitary reasons.

Cliff Master: Flee while at the top of the shield wall and don't fall off

Who needs cures? Survive having negative hitpoints while under the effect of bloodburn.

Dumbest Runner: Delay a Byn contract by over two ingame days because you don't have direction sense or face protection.


I have so many of these I wish they had badges like it was Steam so I could decorate my profile page.

Armception:  Play DnD online while also being logged in and actively roleplaying (no ruff crircle)
I seduced the daughters of men
And made the death of them.
I demanded human sacrifices
From the rest of them.
I became the spirit that haunted
And protected them.
And I lived in the tower of flame
But death collected them.
-War is my Destiny, Ill Bill