Proposed Karma Changes

Started by ArmageddonMUD, June 19, 2017, 09:43:23 PM

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Here are the proposed changes for a new scale for the karma system.  We all know change is sometimes difficult especially for things for which we are all passionate.  I think it's clear that the playerbase (staff and players alike) are nothing if not passionate about this game!  Staff have spent a good deal of time discussing and coming up with this proposal but we want to know if you see something glaring and wrong with the system. So we are looking forward to some constructive feedback!

The objectives for changing the system are:

  • Provide a smaller scale to allow more players to attain higher level karma classes.
  • Ability to move all players through the karma tree within a 3 year timeframe.
  • Make removing karma a more acceptable occurrence while also giving opportunity to regain lost karma in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Use regenerating karma system to add balance.
  • Add new guilds to the karma tree.
  • Cease the practice of skill and stat bumps as part of the application process. Skill increases are done via the structure of the guild/subguilds (The next phase of the guild revamp will see higher skill level options placed in the karma tree).
  • Provide greater oversight to the most sensitive roles by making them special application only and limiting the amount that may be in game at any one time.
  • Provide structure and criteria to karma requests to lessen the impact on staff and give clearer objectives to players.

The end goal of this project is that all players that play by the rules and act as good players should be able to achieve the full 3 points of karma.  This would make 3 karma the norm, rather than the exception.  The ability to spend and regenerate karma is what will make this system work in terms of keeping balance within the game. 

The proposed karma system change will switch from the 0 - 8 scale to a 0 - 3 scale.  The scale will include race, guild and subguild options.

Karma Scale:

0 karma = existing 0 karma options
1 karma =  Desert elf, Water, Stone Touched, Fire and Wind Touched. Master Tailor, Slipknife, Minstrel, Master Jeweler, Weaponsmith, Master Crafter, Master Armorsmith, Master Potter, Cutpurse, Master Chef, Grebber, Apothecary, Master Trader, Majordomo, Rogue
2 karma = Half Giant, Water and Stone Elementalist options.  Wind Tempest and Fire Guile options, Berserker, Outdoorsman, Protector, Lancer, Bruiser, Aggressor
3 karma = Wind Travel and Illusion, Fire Agony and Devastation options, Mul.

Special App only:  Psionicist and Sorcerer
Special apps will be limited to one per player, per year. If the special application character dies within one week of creation the special application slot will be refunded.  Requesting a special application does not 'spend' karma points but please note that you will have to have 3 max karma in order to special application a psionicist or sorcerer.  This is because you can only special app one karma above your max karma level and psi/sorc is above the 3 maximum.

At any given time there will be a limited number of playable Psionicists and Sorcerers in game based on the current population of the player base.

Special applications will be allowed two points above your current maximum karma level by submitting a special application request as one does now.

Karma Regeneration:

The ability to spend and regenerate karma is a significant change to our existing system. Players will 'spend' points each time they select a series of options with a karma cost. As part of this spend of points players will be able to choose any options at or below their current karma level.

Karma regeneration is done based on the difference you currently have from your maximum karma.  One point of spent kama will regenerate every 30 days.

All of this regeneration of current karma will be automatically calculated upon login to the game.  To be perfectly clear, this karma regeneration happens for RL time passing not in game played time.

This system is designed to limit the number of higher karma classes in the game organically and is necessary if the karma scale is cut from 0-8 to 0-3.  There are no changes being made to what is allowed from a guild/subguild combination. For instance, Mul magickers are still not going t be selectable in character generation nor would a non-human psionicist etc.


  • Player has 3/3 karma, uses 3 for a mul now they have 0/3.  30d they move to 1/3 karma. 45 days later 2/3 and then 45 days more 3/3 for a Total of 4 months.
  • Player has 2/2 karma, uses 1 and now has 1/2.  30 days later they get that one back.
  • Player has 3/3 karma, uses 2 and now has 1/3.  Normally they would recoup 1 and 30d and one at 45 d.  But let's say this player has a character die after a couple weeks.  Now they are at 1/3.  If they spend that one, now they are 0/3 so the first point will take 30 days to regen and another 45d on the next point.

Karma Reviews:

Players will be limited to one karma review request per year.  They will also be required to specify what criteria points they are requesting karma for and detailing how they feel they have achieved this. They may request points in more than one area.
We will modify the karma review request to reflect that this information is needed.
Staff may grant karma category areas outside of the review schedule, however any movement up the karma tree must come with the appropriate amount of points per level.

0 karma, review can be requested after regular play for 6 months to move to point 1.
At 1 karma, requests to move to point 2: at least 1.5 year of regular play.
At 2 karma, request to move to point 3: at least 3 years of regular play.

Again to clarify, we aren't suggesting that you have to login every day we are just indicating that not logging in at all or maybe one or two time over months won't qualify for a karma review.  This is mostly due to the fact that we wouldn't have any roleplay to review to determine karma!

Granting Karma:
Karma will be granted using existing criteria.  Each karma category can only be granted once. (i.e. Only 1 point for Roleplay, 1 point for Leadership etc.).  A level 3 player should still have achieved in 6+ areas.  On review multiple karma categories may be awarded. If not enough categories are awarded to move to the next level the category will be noted and used when next reviewing the account.

  • Level 0 - No criteria required
  • Level 1 - 1 or 2 points
  • Level 2 - 3 to 5 points
  • Level 3 - 6 or all 7 points
Karma criteria remains the same:
Good communication
Ability to roleplay
Proven understanding of magick and its place in the game world
Proven understanding of cultural and racial structures
Contributes to the game

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The changes outlined above have been live since July.

Currently there is an issue with karma regeneration, such that it will appear to most players that there is no spending of karma.  We are working to remedy this.

Karma Reviews are still on hold, until further notice.

Special Applications

Special Applications -- a request to play a role that is beyond what the normal application process would provide for.  This generally is taken to mean roles outside of one's karma level, though there are exceptions.  You may apply for a role that is no greater than 1 karma point higher than your karma level.  This is subject to approval of staff and is not a guarantee.  Special applications generally take about one full month to resolve.  Players receive 2 special application per year.

Skill Bump Application

Skill bump -- a request to have certain starting skills boosted.  Limited to 3 skill bumps.  Skill bump requests are usually resolved within a week's time.

Karma timer system and the 'spending' of karma has been removed.  See,58528.msg1081914.html#msg1081914

Effective immediately, the amount of time required between each karma review has been updated to be 6 months, regardless of points.  This effectively changes:

Quote0 karma, review can be requested after regular play for 6 months to move to point 1.
At 1 karma, requests to move to point 2: at least 1.5 year of regular play.
At 2 karma, request to move to point 3: at least 3 years of regular play.


Quote0 karma, review can be requested after regular play for 6 months to move to point 1.
At 1 karma, requests to move to point 2: at least another 6 months of regular play (total of 1 year).
At 2 karma, request to move to point 3: at least another 6 months of regular play (total of 1.5 years).

or to put it more simply:

QuoteYou need at least 6 months of regular play to move to the next karma point.

We feel having to wait 18 months for 2 karma, or 3 years for 3 karma, is too long.  I'll be updating the tools, help files, etc. shortly.