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Re: Whatever happened to...?
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Who remembers, The spartan, peshek-brown man - Sergeant ? His name I cannot for the life of me remember.

That was I, Sergeant Aldren, he was fated to die in a battle to an epic scene after storming an Allanak stronghold but he actually died for real moments before his predetermined death heh. I was flattered to learn after a break from the game that years later someone that he knew had named a trading company after him in memorial.

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Re: Whatever happened to...?
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Long long ago, a bunch of merry Red Fangs captured three people in the Tablelands, inked a slave tattoo across their skin and sold them off to House Tor.

Does anyone know what actually happened to these three people? Did they grow on to play interesting roles? Did they all die/store within a month?

I stored, but the scene was cool.


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Re: Whatever happened to...?
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Does anyone know who played Sergeant Barkin, a northerner who might have been a Lyksaen warslave?   I think was circa 2008 to 2010.
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Re: Whatever happened to...?
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I played that fellow in 2009. That was Barkin Pavir,  a sturdy, high cheek-boned man.  He was Lyksaen slave/warrior.  Lived 40 odd days and died to two southern dwarves on the North Road that killed him without RP.  I remember I was angry about his death.  Glad to see someone remembered him.  The second name was to honor another fallen Lyksaen slaved named Pavir. (part of his background)
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Re: Whatever happened to...?
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Whatever happened to Crowe and their player? Did their player stuck around?
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