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Didn't think I'd be making another thread this quickly... I'm a little hesitant to have my PC try to fight anything outside at the moment, but I was curious about how combat works. Is it turn-based, or is there spamming involved? What about combat with other PCs? Do you need to draw your weapon before you can hit something? Is there a way of seeing how much your equips/stats etc. will affect it, or do you jump in blindly when you try to kill something or someone?

As a relatively new player myself I can say that there aren't any absolute answers to some of your questions. 'Try it out an see' is the most common answer. The helper chat may be the best resource for asking some of these questions, there is a link from the main webpage. Combat is not turn-based, but most actions have delays which does give you time to respond, once you figure them out. If you want to hit something with a weapon, you do need to have it drawn, but if you have nothing in your hand, you'll attempt unarmed combat. There is no way to see directly how anything will affect your combat, only trial and experimentation may lead you to decide what might work better, the assess command and assess -v may give you some insight, but is hardly comprehensive.

I hope that this might give you a little direction where needed, besides helper chat, you can find out IC by asking characters that might have a solid foundation in combat themselves.


I suppose off the top of my head there are a few things I should mention (or maybe I shouldn't, but I doubt it, because these are not spoilers, and if they are, they are most irritating to "find out IC")...

1) With combat skills, like kick, bash, wedgie, there is a delay timer associated with them, after the skill goes off. Newer players may be tempted to spam these, but it's a really, really, REALLY bad idea. Sure the commands will stack up and be executed in the order in which you typed them, but this is actually a downside, there will be times, in actual combat, where you need to FLEE, or, in sparring, where it's time to disengage, at which point, these stacked commands will render you unable to do this, until you type "stop" to clear the stack, at which point, you'll have to enter flee or disengage again. I would strongly recommend getting acquainted with these timers by stacking no more than a command at a time, to get a feel for it, but by the same token, it's likely best to just space them out a bit and use them as would be in character for your PC. Just, the consequences are just too much, but if it's IC for your PC to enter a berserk spam-kicking rage, go right ahead, there will still be consequences.

2) When you flee, your hitched mount does not come with you (unless you're still riding it, which you probably won't be, depending on your skill in ride). I learned this the hard way, and it wasn't a good thing. You will have to re-enter the room with your mount, make sure they're hitched, then haul ass away from whatever had you fleeing in the first place, so you don't get stuck resting as some beastie tracks you down to devour your sweet newbie flesh. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you flee it auto-sets you to run, which will tire you out more quickly, but which will enable you to stand a chance of getting away, as the movement delay is decreased, when you've put enough distance between you and your would-be devourer, typing "walk" will conserve stamina, should it be needed, for you and your mount.

If I think of anything else, I'll add to it. I hope I haven't overstepped, but somehow I don't think so.
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I love this thread for all things New Player:,33512.0.html

Combat is a short scroll down.  Wish I'd seen it.
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I love this thread for all things New Player:,33512.0.html

Combat is a short scroll down.  Wish I'd seen it.
The new guide is a bit more updated, and has about the same information if you want to check that one out too.

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Just to throw in something here -- if you do spam commands that have delays and need to do something quickly (which I wouldn't recommend doing) the command "stop" is your friend. This will stop all the queued commands. Don't always rely on this because it takes an extra command to type this and then flee or disengage. I just figured I would mention it encase you accidentally do spam something.
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