Started by Doublepalli, July 01, 2013, 06:00:55 PM

I upgraded from the arm client to Muschlient a while back, but I havent really touched anything else.

I have no clue on how to put in aliases, stack commands, set line breakers, color code stuff.....ANY of that? Please helps me? :(

I only really know basic stuff, but under display there's highlight word.  You can type in a phrase and choose which color it shows up as.

Under game then configure, you can add aliases through that.

Here's how to set up a basic alias with MUSHclient.  In the part where it says alias, you put what you want to type in the game where it'll trigger it.  I usually make sure I have ignore case checked for most of my aliases too.

With this one, the *'s take place of whatever phrases you want to put after, like shoot * * works with shoot carru n or whatever.
The shoot %1 %2 in the send puts whatever you type in place of * in the %'s.  I'm not really good at explaining it, but I hope you get the idea.

I'm sure someone that knows more about this stuff can help out more than me.

Feel free to PM me with your questions. I've been using MUSHclient for a pretty danged long time. :)

I can help too but Delirium is boss with MUSHclient.

So in the mean time I'll just provide some helpful links

See also my signature, and search for MUSHclient in these forums as there are a few threads that provide helpful aliases and triggers.

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