House Tenneshi reopens

Started by Raesanos, June 20, 2003, 11:05:22 PM

House Tenneshi, the greatest among Tuluki noble houses, is now accepting PCs.  This will involve PC nobles, slaves, employees, etc.  Any comments or questions can be directed to me, and CCed to the mud account.


Creeper who has no clue as to why it's good...
21sters Unite!


Delirium, who knows it's wonderful because it will bring much needed political intrigue to the North, among many other things.

(in his best "evil overlord" voice)

So... the ancient enemy has returned... I shall destroy them.

Be fun to see how things shape out with the Tenneshi. Looking forward to the RP it will generate. I might even need to learn how to spell their name properly.  :twisted:

I might get to kill someone....

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>craft newbie into good player

You accidentally snap newbie into useless pieces.


...and here I thought Winrothol was the greatest northern noble house. Vendyra? What do you think?

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Hmm... Got one question...

Think they need a half-giant/pickpocket-thief to be a House physician?

You attempt to bandage their wounds but manage to tear off their head.


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21sters Unite!

Winrothol is the greatest northern noble House.  I'm going to have to start a war over this.

The mention of war makes me horny.
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>craft newbie into good player

You accidentally snap newbie into useless pieces.


I feel ill...

Although if the northern houses went to war, the Armies of Tektolnes would gladly lend their support to both sides of the conflict.  We'd be happy to follow Dubya's lead and as he said 'ride bird' on such a battle.

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WAR!!!!! Did somebody say WAR!!! Count me in  :evil:
oy what the fonk you want? Big Worm

Shinigami must mean that the southern houses are getting along at the moment...hhhmmm, need to do something about that.

The long-haired leather clad man looks over to his right.

The long-haired leather clad man says, speaking in english:
What was that....Oh, really ok.

I suppose I need not worry on that matter, they have to get along, they are too weak to do otherwise.
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Sorry, Raesanos, Winrothol is the best house.  Though if Tenneshi ever wants to come to Allanak, I'm sure we'll be able to offer all y'all some Zalanthan-style Southern hospitality. ;)

I think we need a House Lannister.

There -are- certain houses, that -act- like House Lannister.  It truely depends on how the noble of that house is playing.  I'm sure Fatty Tor had a Lannister streak in him, when he was around.
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I'm not familiar with that house, what were they like?  Some homicidal psychopaths?  Could always use more of them in the game.

House Tenneshi is (arguably) the most powerful house in Tuluk. One possible cause of this is due to the fact that Tenneshi is in charge of city renovation, and the rebuilding of an entire city does indeed provide a lot of business for such a house.  Whispers of a poor relationship with House Winrothol are often heard, although the cause of this is not common knowledge.  As for any quirks, such as possibly being a bunch of psychopaths as you suggest, they aren't known for anything that extreme. However, their power makes them very influential, and they know it. They employ a variety of crafters and laborers, as well as a very esteemed House Guard.

Further reading:

Hopefully this answers your question a bit.

Are there any racial restrictions for finding a job with this great house? Also are most positions filled OOC or only for Nobles. If someone wanted to play a house servant, do they need to contact you or just make the appropraite character and then seek employment with one of the nobles.


If you wanted to play a slave or a noble you would have to email the clan immortal. But, to play a servant or guard your best bet would be to make the character and seek employment icly.
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I played in Tenneshi. It's a great house and Raesanos rules. I'd play in it again, too, because I really want to see it active but I think it'd be fruity to constantly put a stream of characters in there.
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Krath is correct about how positions are filled.  As for racial restrictions, they do exist in any noble house, but for the particulars of this house you should ask someone who might know in game.