T'zai Byn Rolecall

Started by Wychokka, November 20, 2022, 10:29:27 PM

The T'zai Byn is looking to fill a Sergeant's position in the Skullsplitter Warband, leading a unit in Allanak.

But before jumping in, let's be real: the T'zai Byn is the largest clan in the game and it takes a good deal of behind-the-scenes work by Sergeants to keep it afloat. Sergeants are required to deal with:

  • Navigating the political landscape
  • Negotiating lucrative contracts without being despised
  • Warband recruitment
  • Training of Runners
  • Cultivation of Troopers, and sometimes slave muls
  • Organizing then leading dangerous and often technical contracts across the Known
  • Pleasing and staying on the right side of senior officers
  • Collaborating with and sometimes competing with their Sergeant peers

Before I scare you off, it's worth mentioning that this is the perfect role to show your leadership abilities in the game. Some of the best players the game has seen got their start as T'zai Byn Sergeants, and it gives you a very solid opportunity for some criteria points towards your next karma point.

What we need:

  • Character idea - description, background, and what your goals will be for the role
  • Humans only this time around
  • Consistent Playtimes - Not asking for every day, but try to play around similar times will make it easier for others to find you, you will be popular.
  • A willingness to create your own plots and create -Fun- (We WILL support you as much as we can, but a can do/go getter attitude is great)
  • Consistent Reporting - we're looking at Bi-Weekly reports, with sooner on the juicy details

Send in a Role Application to the T'zai Byn and we'll be contacting those who reach out sometime this coming week.

Thank you!