The Helper Program

Started by Ath, August 12, 2022, 11:58:26 AM

To have knowledgeable and polite players that volunteer their time to assist new players for Armageddon MUD without spoiling the inherent mysteries and secrets of the game.


Helper - Volunteer players that are able to answer questions about Armageddon MUD, those that have volunteered and have been approved by Staff.
New Player - An individual that is new to Armageddon MUD, typically under a year's play time.
Staff - Volunteer staff members that operate Armageddon MUD, made up of Storytellers, Administrators, Producers, Builders, and Coders.
Helper Coordinator - Staff member that has been assigned/volunteered to oversee Helpers and the Helper program.
Discord - Chat tool outside of Armageddon MUD utilized for Community discussion.
GDB - General Discussion Board - text based forum outside of Armageddon MUD utilized for Community discussion.


  • Assist New Players with questions about Armageddon MUD related to information found in documentation.
  • To Refer New Players to documentation or help files either found on the website or in-game.
  • To ensure that Rules are understood by New Players and that if there are ever any questions on rules that Staff can be questioned.
  • To ensure New Players understand how to use the WISH command
  • To ensure New Players understand how to use the Request System
  • To not spoil In Character secrets.  For example:  Locations, Objects, Knowledge, or other things that can not be found in documentation.
  • To not go over deeper mechanics of the game.  For example:  How the skill systems work, combat systems, or other aspects that don't relate to learning how to play the game and are not found in documentation.
Rules & Procedures:

  • Helpers are not moderators, staff members, nor any sort of authority figure with Armageddon MUD.  They are volunteers that are assisting New Player to make Armageddon MUD a more friendly new player experience.
  • Helpers should never have need for a New Players account name, email address, or any other personal information.
  • Report to the Helper Coordinator and/or Staff via Request Tool with any issues with New Players that may need to be brought to staff attention.

    • In most cases, advise the New Player to put in a Request first.
    • If the player doesn't seem to understand how to put in a request, if the player doesn't have access to their account, or if you feel it is something that needs to be reported, do so yourself via the request tool.
    • Please gather the player GDB name or Discord name for the request.
    • Please use your best judgment as this should be kept to a minimum.
    • Example Issues:

      • Has a problem with their Account. (Admin+ needs to fix this typically)
      • New Player DMed you with information that maybe rule breaking
  • Report to Helper Coordinator with emergency issues with a New Player, if not available please ping Staff on Discord. (pinging staff should be used as last resort)

    • Use your best judgment, always utilize official methods first.
    • Have the player Wish Up in game first with the issue.
    • If they are unable to Wish Up, or get no response then Contact the Helper Coordinator or ping Staff.

  • Have played Armageddon MUD consistently for at least one year (casual play is fine, but consistent if what is needed), two years preferred.
  • Have at least one Karma.
  • Have no negative notes in the past year.
  • Have a good general knowledge of the major play centers of the game (Allanak, Tuluk, Tribals).
  • Have a greater understanding of the commands in Armageddon MUD.
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August 12, 2022, 12:10:19 PM #1 Last Edit: August 12, 2022, 12:18:17 PM by Ath
Oh hey, what is this?  This is the new documentation for the Helper program, thanks for reading it! 

So what does this mean?  It means that we're going to be working on getting the Helper program up and running again in a more official capacity.

Can I join? Sure, as long as you meet the requirements.

The goal is to have around 10 active people running with this and to have folks keeping eyes on the GDB New Players forum and the Discord #help channel.  You don't have to help folks in game, but we all try anyway and it is greatly appreciated.

So how can you join?  At this point please put in a request via the Request tool using Question option.  Please put in the Subject "Helper Application" or it may get missed.  And below are the questions I'd like to see answered.  (The hopes is to have a new request tool option in the future.)

  • Why do you want to become a helper?
  • In your words, what does a helper do?
  • If you are struggling to help a new player, how would you handle it?
  • What is your favorite helpfile on the website and why?
  • What is your GDB name?
  • What is your Discord name? (The one with the namehere#1234)

I may contact you with some additional question via the request.

Remember, being a Helper comes with no privilege, benefits, powers, or rewards.  It comes with the satisfaction that you have helped someone potentially learn how to play this amazing game we all love.

Edit:  I figure I'll get this question, current Helpers are here to stay, but Helpers can come and go depending on activity and all that.  Just if you're going to be away and not available much, we just ask that you let the Helper Coordinator know so you can be removed.  It is a hat, you put it on and you take it off, doesn't change who you are, and we appreciate you helping out.

And the current Helper Coordinator is me.
Ourla:  You're like the oil paint on the canvas of evil.

I am still looking for applications to add folks to the Helper Program.  Please make sure to put  your application with the details above into the request system via the Question category, and please put the subject as Helper Application (or it will likely get missed).  Thanks!
Ourla:  You're like the oil paint on the canvas of evil.