No slave roles

Started by Tzurahro, February 24, 2010, 05:28:46 PM

There will be no PC slave roles permitted on ArmageddonMUD until this announcement is rescinded.  We have been stopping them in the application queue for quite awhile, and we have posted on various clan boards in the past that this was no longer going to be permitted, but this is the formal, general posting describing the current policy.

Staff will not recruit or sponsor slave positions, new applications that wish to start as slaves will not be approved, and PCs who encounter situations that result in their enslavement in-game will instead be stored and enter the exciting virtual world of endless confined servitude.

To those that have the ability to enslave PCs, please keep in mind, although it might be within your power, this is a character-ending decision upon your victim.
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Bumping this.

Do not be enslaving any PC's. We have noticed this starting to happen again
when it shouldn't be. Under no circumstances is this acceptable.
If someone is enslaved, they will be stored.