A question about Karma

Started by Anonymous, August 17, 2004, 03:49:53 PM

I was just curious how you immortals go about dealing out karma, is there like a checklist or something?
didn't spam skills    

  • good Rp in general  

  • gave me 20 bucks    

  • no hatemail to staff  

  • nah.. I'm just curious what you immortals personally like to see in a player. What makes you guys wanna bump someones Karma?

Karma is given out based not just on RP skills, but also trustworthiness.

Do you twink?  Kill people randomly without any apparent reason? (Thinks are useful here to convince us there is a reason).  Do you spam skills?  Do you spread OOC information?  Or gossip OOCly?  (Yes, we find out about this, quite easily).  Are you helpful IC/OOC?  Do you submit objects/docs/npcs, etc?  Do you help newbies in-game?  Are your emails polite, or rude?  Etc, etc.

Depending on the answers to these criteria, we'll reward players karma now and then.  Usually once players get around 4 or 5k, they get karma more sparingly from that point on.   The higher number of Karma you have, the increasingly harder it is to attain another one.  We don't deduct karma as much as we reward, but when we do, it's usually for a very good reason.  Not out of vengeance, as some players might think. =P

Sometime players will go overlooked, and not receive karma that they should.  If you feel you're one of these players, feel free to email the mud - or your current/past clan imm to ask them to review your RP, and see if you might be qualified.
I hope this answers your question.