Do immortals change their name when they become immortals?

Started by Vettrock, August 16, 2004, 07:58:54 AM

I was just thinking about what mansa posted about people disappearing and I wonder when someone joins the staff, do they usually change their GDB name.  I don't remember any of the current staff while they were mortals, unless they were called something else back then...So Is that generally the policy, to leave your player name behind and start a new life as an immortal?

When I joined staff I got to think up an immortal name. I then made an account on the GDB under the same name. Mostly so I can post in things like Ask the staff  :wink: and on clan boards, and people will recognise who I am.

I did have a previous GDB name or two and might have even (ssshhh) used them recently, as well as my immortal GDB account.
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When a player joins the staff they are given a new name from which to handle their immortal duties.  Their 'player' name remains the same.  Most immortals enjoy playing the game and prefer that no one realizes who their characters and GDB accounts are because they don't want to be treated any differently than anyone else.  

This is why we discourage players from playing 'guess who is an immortal'.  When we are 'working' or issuing offiicial opinion, we always use our immortal names. When playing or issuing a personal opinion on the GDB, we use our old 'regular' names.  It is understandable that people would be curious, but like everyone else, IMMs play to have fun on our 'regular' accounts - so we ask that other players treat us like regular players when we do.
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Also, some immortals (myself included) don't have the time or energy to maintain multiple identities, and just cease to use their previous GDB / Account names altogether when they come on staff.

And some (though few) of us come out about who we were and who we now are - typically only using our staff name, but maintaining that link to our past.

We do let people pick their own immortal names, though.  Usually.  We ask that the new names not be ones that will get confused with someone else's staff name or have conflicting key words, and that it not be taken from a well known mythos, to avoid having a wizlist with names like Thor, Anubis, or Cthulhu on it.  

And yeah, I will say that I find the "Guess the Immortal" game really very annoying, particularly when it leads to all sorts of misleading information floating around being sworn to as truth.   If they want you to know, they will tell you.  I'm going to stop here before I go into a rant about one of my biggest pet peeves.

Yeah, although I had a hard time convincing the judge that I wanted to just be "Savak."  Nothing else.  But it finally went through.  I do get some interesting inquiries from the intelligence community, however.  But that's another story.
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I heard a rumor...

That Sanvean and Halaster were the same person.

And that one of the staff members was just a dolphin brain inside a jar.
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