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Blazoning the LOGO!
« on: July 30, 2004, 07:03:18 PM »
Greetings all APM travellers... As September draws ever closer it would seem that this DragonCON will be drawing together a sizeable portion of our playerbase to make for a very successful APM.

I HIGHLY suggest we all visit:

And purchase some manner of clothing to show our Zalanthan pride to the world. It may seem a little geeky for all of us to be wearing shirts that flash the same symbol, but... c'mon, we're at the DragonCON. I say let us embrace the inner geek within us all and show some unified ARM spirit.

The more of us there are wearing our beautiful symbol the more people will wonder... "Who in the hell are they? And what is that symbol?"

Now, this brings me to my second point... I can't say that I know what the symbol is either and it's a little embarassing.   :shock:  So, please take this opportunity to rend the veil of ignorance from my eyes that I may behold the truth of our symbol and see it in all its glory...

Seriously, what is it?