A challange for the writers among us.

Started by Mekeda, July 26, 2004, 09:10:22 PM

At the player staff meeting, it was mentioned that it would be nice if there were more echoes and such to reflect the life in the wastes. So.. with that in mind I issue the following challange.

I will go through and put echoes in various outdoor room locations if players will submit them. What I would like is an idea of where the echoes should go.. ie: Red desert, sands outside Allanak, sands outside Red Storm, outside Luirs, the scrub lands, the tablelands, you name it. If you've ever been outside and thought of random echoes that would be neat to give the world a real feel, this is your chance.

What I am not looking for are anything that would allude to a threat, danger, or anything like that. The echoes are not time specific so do not set them as night or day but generic enough to occur at either.

Here are a few examples of my own.


A snout peers briefly from between a crevice in the rocks, whiskers twitching as it sniffs the air before withdrawing again.


A brief spray of sand is visible as a small desert insect digs rapidly into the sand at the base of a small bush.

Outside Nak:

A low lonely cry from a hunting bird sounds overhead, the shadow of its outspread wings dancing briefly across the parched sands.

Now.. please email these to Mekeda@zalanthas.org. If you have specific rooms in mind, include those as well. I won't promise to put every single one in but.. I will make this an ongoing project to help bring the world to life.