Application Question

Started by Xerokine, July 25, 2004, 06:25:10 PM

I was just thinking as I was submitting my new character's application.. Over time, why hasn't the Staff ever set a specific time they usually check the applications section of the email? I can think of a few ways this would be beneficial to the players, and along with the Staff and I'm sure you can as well.. Whats your feedback?

P.S... Also, :D this was a subtle hint and letting you know my nice app is there :) Xerokine wants to play! lol I beg you..

*EDIT* Revised my app... Oh please oh please go look at it before I fall into a coma or something.. I'm having this really really odd streak of absolutly having to play Armageddon thats its driving me nuts and I can't sleep until I'm so tired I can't keep my damn eyes open.
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