(re) Karma question

Started by X-D, July 18, 2004, 06:08:45 AM

QuoteThis isn't 100% correct:

You can check your race/guild options from the Login Menu (the Mantis screen), if you disconnect from you character. I believe the option is 'O'. This doesn't tell you your exact Karma level, but it does show you the options you can make with your account, while you are still playing your character.


I currently cannot do that, nor have I ever been able to while my char is alive OR if I have one waiting approvel.

I just checked again, very hard and I have no O option, though I have used it if the above requirements are met, IE char dead or stored and no app waiting. So, either Tlaloc is mistaken or my account is buggy.
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You do have to be able to create a character to use the 'O' option.  Which usually means that your character is dead.
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