Tribal Human's Project

Started by Mekeda, July 13, 2004, 06:00:53 PM

In an effort to make the world feel as big as it is, I have been working on a project for tribal humans.

Essentially what this project entails is that I have taken three of the larger human tribes and am building them an actual encampment. These encampments move around the world based on patterns you will have to figure out for yourselves.

The Al'Seik state of this project is now complete and if you are playing an Al'Seik or wish to, you now have two options. You can continue to use the Seik in your background without any approval needed by staff or you can email me the information on your PC for pre-approval if you wish to have the coded clan benefits. This means that you are STILL free to make a Seik without any staff interaction, but you will not be considered one of the Seik that live in these particular tents.  You will not be coded Al'Seik, will not be able to live in the tents and will have to find a life for yourself elsewhere.

The Arabet camp is underway and will hopefully be in game within the month. Following that I will be building the Jul"Tavan.  If you are interested in more information or you have specific questions, please feel free to email me at


Just as another reminder.

Arabet and Al'Seik are now open for players but if you wish to be clanned, you must email me with your character concept PRIOR to applying for the character. If you wish to play an Arabet or Al'Seik who is NOT clanned to live in the tents, then you do not need to communicate with me, just go ahead and play.

However, if you want to be a clanned member of the moving tribal camps, you must discuss your pc with me prior to submitting them as there are family names and family lines that are key to these groups and unless you take that step, I cannot make any guarantees that you will be able to fit into the clanned group or not.


I'm pleased to announce that the last camp of the Human Tribal project is now in the game and ready to go. There are some updates to the Jul Tavan documentation and as with the Seik and Arabet, if you wish to be a clanned member of this camp you need to email me with your character application prior to creation so that we can work on making sure you fit into the family lines and such.