More Voting

Started by Sanvean, July 13, 2004, 01:54:34 PM

The MUD Connector has also added a top ten list.  We'll add a voting button up at the top here (just mailed Brix about it), but if you want to vote in the meantime, the link is:

They have a one vote per person per day policy, so please curb any enthusiasm that might impel you otherwise. I'd like us not to get banned from there :)

We are currently #429 - the horror!

And we've moved from #429 to #126 ;) through our votes, which confirms my belief that once we have the button up there and do it more regularly, we can make it into the top ten.

The ranking also depends on people using their "Connect to the mud" button (which I would recommend using consistently only if you really really are a telnet masochist).  Actually, here's their ranking blurb:

QuoteEach mud has an overall index calculated by the average of the 30-day moving averages for Telnet clicks, Homepage visits, and for Search clicks. These indices become the overall ranking for the mud. Each Top 10 listing includes a link to our full database listing for the mud and the raw 30-day Telnet, Homepage and Search click stats.

I need to update the game blurb, as someone pointed out, and will do so today.

Ha HA! Revel in my might, for I have added the button up top (after at least 30 minutes of fumbling through directories and having to ask Brix where the file was. :)  )  Go vote.  Remember that connecting through there or viewing the home page from the listing also adds to our score.

The votes just reset on there, so we're number 8 right now.  If you vote, please remember that clicking on the connect to armageddon and homepage buttons bumps us up even further.  ;)