Is is bad juju to read the board in clan building?

Started by A magickal Spy, July 13, 2004, 05:39:11 AM

If I slip into some clan's compound, magickally, and and wondering around a bit, and I find the board, would it be bad juju to read it?  I saw it there and my inital idea was, that If I'm hanging out listening to the NPCs talk, I would be able to overhear these rumors, between NPCs and VNPCs in the room, and therefore would be justified in reading the board, but I thought some more and decided I better ask first.  Spying on NPCs just doesn't yield a whole lot of information, (they don't tend to be very talkative)

So, Good, Bad, or Ugly?

This is only my opinion and doesn't necessarily reflect the rest of the staff, but it depends on how much your in the compound. If you overhear some VNPCs for say 1 hour in-game, you'll probably hear about how their left testicle is slightly inflamed and how they're shagging this girl on Miner's Road. If you're there on a regular basis for a decent amount of time (it's hard to say if you be there for X hours you'll hear something, using your judgement is best on what a regular basis is) then yeah, you'll probably start to hear about stuff that's on the rumor board.

The reason for that is, the likelihood of them talking about something on the message board just as you happen to be there isn't likely. But the more you're there, the more chance they will.

But if you are there often on a regular basis, you'd want to have a way on not getting caught (and if you're breaking into the compound on a regular basis it's always a good idea to e-mail the clan immortal(s)).

All in my opinion.

I suggest checking before doing this. For one thing, clan immortals often post the password for clan docs on clan boards, and while I'm sure no one reading this would be so sneaky as to then read the docs, it has been known to happen in the past, and it makes the staff somewhat cranky.

I'd generally say that the contents of a clan's in-game message board are the result of gossip or spoken orders/news transmitted from clan-members to one another in person.  Some of the knowledge to be got there might be found out by loitering long enough, but most of it is either historical or potentially obscure.  I'd say avoid reading these boards, as it is bound to taint your play in some fashion.  A better way to gain this same type of knowledge is to stay around and listen for good gossip.

-- X

Certain clan boards, not sure if they are flagged specially, cannot be read by people not of that clan. You'll get the message:

You do not have permission to view this board.

Or something similar.

And just my opinion, but I think its very bad to read a clan board anyways. Typically the information is stuff that people in that clan would've heard in passing, from a superior, at a meeting, etc. And not something you'd learn auto-magickally just by being there (which is basically what happens).

As Ammit said, if your there a goodly amount of time maybe. But if you do have access to the board, maybe like 1 message per visit? Not sure.

Rather than leave this is a grey area, I'd say don't do it at all.  If you're curious about the happenings of the clan and feel you've done enough snooping to learn something, e-mail the clan imm and they will involve you in whatever plots are appropriate.