Roles Open in ATV and SLK + More

Started by Bhagharva, July 13, 2004, 12:10:24 AM

Come and experience the ultimate in desert power. Players with one or more points of karma, send myself and Myrixt your main desc and BG and you can begin the role that some say is one of the most memorable in the game.

Magickers apps will be considered but they have to be really good. If you do not understand why then you probably shouldn't be playing one  in these clans yet.

Desert elves are a great role to play after a long haul with a character in either city state. Those who cannot handle long periods of solitude and aren't agile enough with the keys to survive, might wish to consider carefully.

Also, the following coded clans are open for play. It is a good idea to email me when playing one of these also change your objective to have your clan added. I do need to stress that no special app is required for any of these tribes as long as you have the karma.

Sun Runners - Email for docs and access to the camp.
Sand Jakhals -
Silt Winds -
Dune Stalker- Please email myself or Myrixt for access to the docs.
Red Fangs-

The following tribes must have permission from myself or Myrixt to play in and so you can get access to the documentation and added to the forum on the GDB.

Akei'ta Var
Soh Lanah Kah
Bhagharva the Purulent Carcass