Help with Oash History

Started by ashyom, June 24, 2004, 04:09:57 PM

Myrdryn and I have been wanting to update the history on Oash, but unfortunately, over the past 10-odd years, oodles of information has been lost because former Oash staff either didn't pass them on to their replacements, or didn't keep records.  There are times when we can take something that occurred in the past, and use it today.  So, having this information has "Neato!" factor.

If any of you have been involved with Oash, either in the house itself or not, please write up what you remember.  Include as much information as you can.  Names, places, what happened, approximately when this was (RL time or IG time).  Even if you weren't very involved, some details on someone important in Oash that you knew or saw is great too.  It helps us fill in the gaps and put pieces of the puzzle together.

Thanks in advance; we appreciate the help.

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