Discover a world of politics and intrigue with House Borsail

Started by Wachabe, June 15, 2004, 02:05:52 AM

The prestigious and foremost noble house in the known world is currently looking to fill 1 or 2 noble positions.
Which means of course, you have the opportunity to create a deep and wonderful character who in a unique position of leadership and power within Allanak.

All may apply and will be considered, but we will be looking for someone who;

a)   Is able to log in regularly.
b)   Has good world knowledge.
c)   Has proven themselves to be trustworthy.
d)   Enjoys the subtleties that are Zalanthan politics, immersing yourself within them, slowly being consumed by the flames of intrigue and danger.

Besides your noble will get his or her very own slave and guard to go along with that sparkling attitude.

Interested in seeing the world from the top?

Send your character concept along with your account name to,, and

Once again, House Borsail is accepting applications for noble positions.  You should be a smart player able to meet all the requirements above and have an interest in the kind of byzantine intrigue that makes Borsail a unique playing experience.

Please send inquries to, and

Include your account name and a brief description of your character concept.
brainz: it's what's for dinner.

Thanks to all whom applied, we're full up now, stay tuned for our next announcement.