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Started by Raesanos, May 25, 2004, 11:36:37 AM

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The ArmageddonMUD Online store has been taken down due to a change in policy with .

To help fund advertising for the game and increase awareness of it, we have given the online store a revamp.  Here is a list of important changes.

1) New higher resolution artwork is now used for the logo.  This should drastically improve image quality on the items.

2) Several new items have been made available, including 2 new shirt styles.  The existing styles have been tweaked as well.

3) Every month there will be limited edition items.  There are two at the moment, which are marked as such.  Additional announcements will be made on the GDB when new items are made available.

Now, get out there and show your Armageddon pride.  The store is at

T-Shirt Contest

From now until June 25th at midnight I'll be taking submissions for this contest.  Your solemn duty is to come up with an Armageddon slogan that will appear on a T-shirt in our store.  You're winnings?  Fame and notoriety aside, you receive a free garment emblazoned with your enigmatic phrase, or another equally valued arrayment of your own choosing.  The only limitation is that the phrase must be 80 characters in length or less, and you may only submit one such phrase.  The winner shall be selected by the democratic process, the details of which shall be disclosed at a later time.

All submissions should be emailed to

New Summer Items in Store

Color makes its ascent to power.  Do not stand idly be and allow the usurpers to be victorious!

Limited Time Items:
T-shirts in yellow, green and pink.
Ringer shirt in green or gold.
Women's tank top.
Men's sleeveless tee.

New Items:
Yellow messenger bag.
Black baseball cap.

You can purchase one of these fine items  here.

You have four more days to make your submission if you haven't already. That means you're eight days behind.

What I perceive is a blinding absence of clich├ęs. If you've been thus far uninspired, here are some ideas:

My other _____ is a _____.
I'd rather be _____ing.
Tuluk is for _____s.
I'm banging a _____.
House _____ forever.
More karma than _____.

There also haven't been many short but sweet entrees. Your favorite Zalanthan curse may very well win you the love of many.

By the way, none of our submissions so far have really been a problem, but try to avoid stuff that is distinctly Dark Sun-esque. That said, good luck.

All submissions should still be emailed to

We decided to extend the contest and change a rule.  People who have already submitted may submit 2 additional sayings, and people who have not entered yet may submit 3.  There is no need to indicate preferance among them, you can just enter 1-3 times.   The due date for entrys is now Saturday at mightnight EST.

This contest ends in 3 hours, and the deadline won't be extended again.  If you haven't made a submission yet, take a chance.  You never know.

The contest is ended, so here are the details on the voting process.

The staff is going to vote on our top 5 picks.  From these five, each player will be able to vote for their two favorites.  The one saying with the most votes in this phase wins.

So, I'm starting the staff voting now.  I'll post again when this is complete.

$3 off any of these items until July 19th, thanks to CafePress's sale.  Head down there and buy one!

ShaLeah's award-winning slogan has arrived! For those of you who don't recall, the new shirts read:

Front: If murder, corruption, and betrayal intrigue you...
Back: Follow me to Zalanthas.

This slogan is available on white or grey T-shirts, hooded and unhooded sweatshirts, and long-sleeved shirts.

Click here to enter the store.

The Armageddon store at has a few new items. I've put together some buttons and magnets that can be bought individually or by the tens. Also I'm happy to see that the teddy bear is an option again, so I've put it up for purchase.  Check 'em out.

Keepsakes (Round or Oval)

These porcelain keepsakes are a little under 3 inches in size.  Can be used as office accessories, favors, key chains, holiday ornaments, or even jewelry.  Comes with a ribbon for hanging.


Fill these with your Armageddon notes, personal feelings, and hit lists.

Throw Pillow

Filled with fluff, this pillow will provide some comfort in the face of dark times.

Wall Clock

Portrays the current time with astonishing accuracy.


The Armageddon staff does not condone the use of alcohol, if you are only going to drink this much.  Buy at least four or five of these.

Value T-Shirt

Clocking in at under ten dollars, this shirt sacrifices none of its ability to cover your body.

Woman's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

Available with sky-red, obsidian-black, or desert-brown shoulders.

Woman's Classic T-Shirt
A better fit than the normal Tee.

Remember, profit from the Armageddon store goes towards advertising costs.  Do your part to boost our who list!

The long-awaited Black Armageddon T-Shirt is here!  Not only is this our finest garment to date, but also proceeds from all Armageddon store purchases go towards game advertising.  Buying stuff means more advertising means more players means more fun!

Give back to the community... and get something out of it while you're at it. Buy one now!

Since there's been some talk about Secret Santa lists and the like among the arm playerbase, and there's further been some confusion about this, I wanted to post a quick reminder.

Arm does have a cafepress store (or three) at which several items of Armageddon MUD-related origin is sold. Several items feature player submitted art (including BaoBob related merchandise), Arm-related quotations, and player requested fashions (this is restricted by cafepress's selections).

Please see:

If you're international, or trying to buy for someone who is international, you may want to check to see if the store will ship to the other country. I think there are some options available, but I haven't tried this to be sure.

We make no profit from the sale of items at cafepress. These items are solely provided for the benefit of you and yours.

You may also consider purchases from the Armageddon Amazon bookstore.
nless explicitly stated, the opinions of this poster do not necessarily represent all staff.

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