GDB Policy

Started by Sanvean, May 19, 2004, 12:44:34 AM

One of the things we discussed at the AIM was the rise of incivility on the GDB, which all of us felt had the effect of 1) making the board unpleasant to read, 2) getting in the way of actual conversation and communication, 3) giving new players a bad impression of the game, and 4) working against the sense of community we've tried to promote. Here are the policies we've arrived at, as an FYI.

We decided not to remove the OOC Chatter forum, because it provides a place for threads like who to cast in an Armageddon movie, or what sorts of games people like to play on Saturday, etc. The Derailment thread, despite frequent attempts to steer it back, persisted in devolving into a place where people insulted each other or used it as a place to circumvent locked threads, and will be removed.

When one of your posts is deleted because it either contains IC information or inappropriate content (I'm not saying flames, but defining inappropriate as including flames, insults, attempts to elicit flames, and slurs on various races, genders, sexual preferences and appearances), you will be warned, and a note will be made on your account.  This will happen the second time as well. The third time you are warned, your board privileges may be removed and/or your karma affected. Any staff member can delete posts and warn players. Posts are retained, so if you feel something was unjustly deleted, you're welcome to email mud about it.

If your post is deleted because it's a reply to something else that was deleted, don't sweat it.  Cutesy remarks about deleting other people's posts are not necessary, and are unwelcome since they just add to the noise.

As a general rule of thumb in regards to whether information is too IC or not, if you can point to a helpfile, an unrestricted web document (not clan docs, however, which are restricted), or a GDB post by a staff member to show that the information is already available, then it is not too IC for the board.