How to get your wish answered.

Started by Raesanos, May 17, 2004, 10:29:24 AM

For those who don't know, certain ranks of immortals cannot reply directly to you when you wish with a request, although they might still be able to help you without directly contacting you.

A wish like "Hey, can you help me?" or "I need some items loaded" may not get answered because no one online is able to ask you what you need. However, if you are more specific, there may be someone around who can help you.  Try to be as specific as possible so that your entire request can be understood without asking further questions.  For example, if you are asking for a reimbursement from a crash, state exactly what the object was, and its more likely someone will be able to get it to you.

Also, when appropriate, include the reason for the request.  For example, a wish like "Hey, can I get this Salarr merchant animated?" is ambiguous.  Non-Salarr imms might not come animate the merchant since they wouldn't know much about what's going on in the Salarr clan.  If you give your reason for the request, someone can decide in advance if they are able to help.  A wish like "Can someone animate this Salarr merchant so I can ask her where I can buy some water in a hurry" could see any staff member coming in to assist, while a wish like "Can someone animate this Salarr merchant so I can ask if its okay for my Salarr guard to take extra money out of the bank" would let us know that a Salarr immortal needs to help out.

Basically, the more we know, the more likely it is someone will be able to help you.  Still, be as concise as possible.  Thank you.