What you would have experienced.

Started by Mekeda, May 02, 2004, 06:04:49 PM

The following were global things, that everyone in the known world saw, felt, and experienced. If you missed the RPT, then you can assume your character experienced all of this.

The wind dies as the light dims all around. A haze of green forms a vast and low hanging cloud in the red sky.

The thick green cloud obscures Suk-krath's face, and darkens the world.

As a wall of blinding pain smashes against your mind, your vision blurs. Gradually, a vast, endless void of black is superimposed over your sight, speckled with countless tiny dots of light

In the center of the expanse of tiny specks, you see two enormous, almost blinding masses of light. One, a half-humanoid, half-reptilian silhouette and the other a cluster of smaller points, united by an intricate web of glowing filaments

Suddenly, the two figures begin trading blows of unfathomable power with each other, the web of smaller points of light flaring brightly and seeming to grow in power with each smashing strike of sheer mental energy

The blinding bursts of light are accompanied by uncontrollable screaming, your hair itself seeming to ache from it until you realize, to your horror, it is your voice and the voices of all around you tearing out those horrible cries

The two enormous figures clash, exchange blows that light up the entire void and send bolts of ethereal, pale white energy streaking off in all directions

Amidst the chaos, many of the smaller points of light have begun to blink out and vanish, leaving only darkness in their place. Bright points of life and light are being snuffed out in the grand scale of the world

Gradually, the reptillian/humanoid figure seems to withdraw in on itself, falling back as blow after blow from the other figure lands. White hot agony sears through your head, making it nearly impossible to do much else besides watch

With a piercing shriek that reverberates in every inch of your body, the reptilian figure seems to solidify and grow duller, seemingly inert. A dampness on your face reveals your nose has begun bleeding from the mental assault

Abruptly, the filaments connecting the other mass dissolve and the scene fades as quickly as it began, leaving you with nothing but the images before your own eyes

The green haze melts back from the sun as if conquered. Suk-krath shines proudly, bathing the world in his victory.