Sneaking with emotes

Started by , April 28, 2004, 01:32:45 PM

Can you please clarify if using an emote while sneaking reveals you to everyone in the room, or only to those that caught you sneaking?

For example if I have sneak on and type "e (moving close to the wall, in the shadows)" will -everyone- see the emote or only those that caught me sneaking?

(for reference, see this thread: )

Sneak will behave the same if you use a momvent emote or not.  So don't be afraid to use a movement emote while you are sneaking around.

But keep in mind you should probably emote being sneaky as you sneak around.

This shouldn't be confused with normal emoting.  If you emote, people will see it.  But if you want to add an additinoal little bit to the message when you move, movement emotes are good for that (especialyl while sneaking).

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