Proposal to allow ordering of stats

Started by , April 24, 2004, 10:11:45 AM

We've had a lively discussion in the Roleplaying forum about the possibility of allowing players to order their stats while in the Hall of Kings, before the stats are actually revealed:

It would be a simple command like the following:

Statorder agility wisdom strength endurance

The purpose of this feature is to allow players to create a character that is more closely aligned with their character concept. How often have we wanted to play a "brute warrior" only to find wisdom his highest attribute, or seen a "feeble old man" with phenomenal strength, or a "lithesome lass" that stumbles over her feet?

We can (and have tried) to roleplay around the obvious discrepancies that occur. But it breaks immersion when the character clearly doesn't match the original concept due to the effects stats have in the game. You could create a generic character concept and allow the roll of the stats to determine your character. But that seems strikingly less favorable than proactively defining the character you actually want to roleplay in the game.

The four stat rolls would be IDENTICAL to what would have been the case otherwise...the proposal is only to allow the blind ORDERING of those rolls based on our concept for the character. To compensate for this ability, you could remove the reroll option in the game.

I hope you will seriously consider this proposal, as I believe it is sound and would achieve a higher level of character integration and realistic roleplaying in the game.

(Note: this proposal has also been emailed to the mud)

This has been on the slate of stuff to talk about at the AIM for a while. We'll certainly look at that thread while discussing it.