Started by A newb, November 13, 2002, 11:23:26 AM

I know this is probably not the case currently but I was thinking about the Listen command and why the ranger class get it. And my guess is so they can listen for signs of movement and/or sounds that the animals being hunted/avoided make. I know the help file says that listen has some affect on the detection of sneaking. What about at really high levels is it possible to hear footsteps? Or maybe hear that Mek walking a ways off to the south? Or maybe feels the tremble in the ground when the Salt Worm emerges.  The way it is now there could be a loud vicious beast in the "room/area" diagonal from where you are and you have no way of knowing . But Some beasts make noises loud enough to hear quite a ways especially if the wind carries the sound. I was wondering if this has ever come up in the Imm board and if it was rejected what the reason is.