A good raidin scene, or code abuse?

Started by Ghost, April 07, 2004, 09:50:20 PM

(This is a similar topic I posted on Ask the players board)

The discussion about the Bahamet leading brought up a question to me:

One of my PCs was a raider in a small PC run tribe.  There is clan X and we somehow get the information about a caravan going to somewhere.  We learn that usually clan X caravans have several well trained guards.  We consider the odds, and decide their numbers make it hard for us to take the caravan down.  So we make a master plan.

Approximately we know their route.  So about half a day before the caravan hits the route, one of us lure a beast (It would be a Mekillot) in close quarters to their route.  And, in order to make it a perfect trap, we also planned to lure the caravan toward the beast.  So while the beast and the caravan guards engage each other, we would wait a few leagues away from the fray.   And if the beast is down, we would go and take down the tired and bleeding guards.  If the guards are down, we would wait until the beast is fed, and wanders off... Or we would drive it to somewhere else I dont know... So the loot would be ours.  Somehow, we could not manage to do this.....etc etc etc.

I thought this was a good raiding plan for the time being.  Now seeing the thread about leading the bahamet to somebody else, I wonder if you would consider it to be a code abuse.
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Did you see this thread?  It seems to answer your question, unless I misunderstand.  If you did read that thread and want to know if this very specific situation is okay, I think the best path to take would be to email mud, so you can be specific without giving too much away on the board.