Wizards of the Coast acquires ArmageddonMUD

Started by Sanvean, April 01, 2004, 11:19:34 AM

For Immediate Release — 31 March 2004

RENTON, WASH., 31 March -- After weeks of negotiation, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. has purchased the rights to ArmageddonMUD. ArmageddonMUD is an online, text-based role-playing game set in the company's Dark Sun campaign. The purchase entails two website domains and licenses to the game's C-based code.

"We're very excited about this new market for our Dark Sun setting," said company spokesman Michael Landers. "The playerbase of these online communities are very loyal. It's really encouraging."

Among the changes to take place is a complete overhaul of the administration, with all of prior administrators of the game, the nearly seventy, being downsized. Michael Landers stated that two of the prior administration, known as "Nessalin" and "Sanvean", will remain with the subsidiary, staying for a short while as the game begins a slow conversion toward a full Dark Sun campaign. Four consultants have already signed on to begin the transition of the game.

Among the reported changes to take place in the remodeled Armageddon:

    Psionics will be greatly expanded so that most of the skills will be available to all classes as well as added into the capabilities of many NPC monsters.

    Mantis and halfling races will be opened up and integrated into the game world so that they're a viable race that can interact (and even party) with the other humanoid races.

    Metal, while still rare, will become more common and be available as a reward to those that complete successful dungeon crawls.

    Exciting new 3rd Edition Prestige classes like Gladiator, Mind Flayer, Shadow Dancer, and Defiler Hunter.

    A new D20-based combat system that will be familiar to WotC fans everywhere.

    Play will be available for a low 14.95 per month fee. Established players will be offered a 10% discount.
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